Introducing PIGY Token

I use both :smiley:

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If I find the time, I’ll build you a little one-pager for the project. Its an good idea to help small pools :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot…
I really appreciate your willingness to help… :blush:


That idea is completely amazing and I think is a good tool for us, the small Pools. Thanks a lot for your work. I just got to my Pool and my Delegators.

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Hopefully it works well to all Stake Pool and delegators. The only thing I think is how to spread the words to ADA Holder.


I think that work is above all for us, the SPO in our Social Media and so.

(I will use more White Logo, I like more)

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@ADA-INDO : white would be nicer

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Gotcha… I use both… But I change anyway… hold on

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We now also have a Discord server. @ADA-INDO will add the invitation link to the post. I am currently working on a website, but it will take a few more days.


Thank you @saulgodman I really appreciate your effort.
Here’s the link to discord Server


Okay i think is an good idea for SPOs and Delegators, but i have some questions!


You want to promote decentralization of Cardano why you giv PIGY to all Pools? Why not only to Single Pools and Small Pools less than 3 Mill ADA Active Stake?


You are a one-man show, why u hold PIGY for Founder you are the founder no one else?

If I now add the stack for development and reserve, you have more than half of all tokens in your pocket. Please don’t get me wrong, but that sounds like fraud… :frowning:

I find the idea basically great but I find some points a bit strange. Wouldn’t it be nicer if they would distribute 70% of all tokens to the Stake pool operators over a longer period of time? 20% for development and marketing and the remaining 10% to the founders? Can u control if SPOs give the Tokens to the delegators?

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Great question.
Thank you for asking.

First, a pool is a pool no matter are you small or are you big. But, 1 thing for sure is that I give the same amount of PIGY to 1 entity (10 million) to 1 pool, for example if you have 6 pool, I also only give 10million.

Second, why not? This is just a meme token (#Dogecoinkiller) Lol :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. I never ICO, never ask for community money. Even I never ask for single ADA from SPO (You can ask all SPO that I give) I never ask even 1 ADA in return. I give it for free, and I also give 1.5 ADA without asking them back :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . (List above)
I only say, this is just an extra reward to your delegator. If your delegator wants then you can give it to them. If they don’t want, then it is okay. Or, if you don’t want to give to your delegator, then It’s okay… Also, if you don’t want to accept PIGY, that’s okay too…

In conclusion. Do you want :pig:?

This enables a new use case. Small pools can buy back the token from their delegators for ADA to become attractive. Pools can effectively bring the minimum 340 ADA fixed fee down to zero.

Who is first?

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Exactly, that is what I am thinking too. I guess every pool can make this project easily. But, the main thing is which of the token created is most accepted by the delegator or ADA Holder.
IMO, there are small or little on the technology behind this $PIGY. The biggest cost would be the marketing (the hardest).
How to make ADA holder / delegator wants this token. And my first priorities market for this $PIGY is ADA holder that leave their ADA in exchange.
Any idea how to reach them?

Minting a token costs nothing so a priori the token’s worth is zero. No amount of marketing can change that.

So if we want a token to be worth something, someone must pay a price. That someone could be a pool owner wanting to undercut the minimum fee set by the protocol and I am slightly surprised that no pool has come forward to propose that yet.

The minimum fee is criticised a lot by owners of small pools and here is a way to circumvent it. What am I missing?

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I think all the token are start from zero correct? And while they selling that token through ICO (I think it’s call a marketing, because the buyer believe what will the token will worth in the future). Without buyer, all token are worth zero.

I am not thinking to cut the minimum fee. There are pool that have 4% fee, 2% fee and 0% fee. The 4% and 2% fee still have their fans too. I think that’s the beauty of marketing.

Anyway, thanks for commenting in my thread. May I know are you an SPO too?

I was not talking out the margin, but about the 340 ADA fixed fee.

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Yes, I knew. What I mean is even it can be cut to 0, there is no guarantee that the 0 fixed fee + 0% margin can get delegation. Although it might help.

It might, even though allowing delegators to receive all of their rewards would make it impossible to profit from them.

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We’ll see about that. And after all, I just check your profile. You also operate a Stake Pool. Do you want some $PIGY too? DM me your yoroi or Daedalus address.