Introducing PIGY Token

Here’s some update. For PIGY family fans. We create new link about instruction to breed them in here
And For SPO who wonder which delegator is eligible receiving $PIGY you can check in here
In here you can find when the delegators first time join your pool, how long they stay, how many ADA they delegate to your pool, and the estimate PIGY the SPO can give.
This are all just a guide, all decision are in depend on each SPO.


Really nice and helpfull in general :smiley:

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PIGY is the Cardano DOGE. Except with a max supply and actual usecases. They have a $31.82B marketcap. Why not us? We need to be an SPO and use Blood/Sweat/Tears to even get some!:thinking:

I thought to open a PIGY faucet several times. But, then I realize if I really open the faucet, it will ruin PIGY token mission to help SPO’s. And if you own Cardano, trust me you don’t need blood/sweat/tears to get PIGY.
There are hundreds of SPO that willingly to give you for free by just staking with them. :blush:

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I’m not updating the list of SPO that own PIGY Token in this forum anymore. Feel free to check the latest update in our website

Yeah. It’s a pretty easy process to get PIGY. I was trying to explain the process of being an SPO (which allows 10,000,000 PIGY awarded for distribution to delegates). Believe me, this was a dig at Doge’s marketcap, not at the process of attaining PIGY. Lost in translation, I guess lol…

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I did my $PIGY updates too, on pool’s website and
Thank you,

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Thank you… and thank you for your support…


The Good

  • Incentivizing SPO and more decentralization
  • Providing alternatives to VC firms like Wave Financial that can game the protocol with USD
  • Helping the “small business” become relevant

The Bad

  • No way to peg value to ADA
  • No control on reward distributions

The Ugly

  • Anyone who mentions dogecoin or any garbage coin jokes :wink:
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Yeah, I already remove the dogecoin part. lol… But, I can’t edit my first post. So, just let it be. :joy:

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All good, I need a laugh tonight anyway :smile:

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PIGY are now listed in the swap.

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Are there any updates on Project progress maybe some AMAs?
Also any chance of your Oracle joining the Defi Alliance to help standardize the info and meta data disseminated to the blockchain? :thinking:

Actually, the PIGY Oracle is shutting down at the end of the Alonzo era. The source code is open, so someone can resurrect it as a similar oracle service.

It’s been awhile since I have update this Token. But, I just want to share what’s going on.
Since my friend who does the Oracle leaves, I cannot find replacement. At the same time my real work start like usual (before Covid). Working as usual leave me very little time to work other job.

I try to ask couple people to help continue the project but, unfortunately nobody can or want. With the crypto winter it’s getting harder. So rather that the token got freeze to long I take my chance to reset button, back to original idea that PIGY will be as stakepool rewards.
Only this time, I cut the distribution to half.
I got 50B PIGY burn (lock forever) by sending them to this address:


Here is the transaction ID:

I got this address from

Technically it is not burning, but it is locked forever. I will give to any stakepool 10m of PIGY for free (but please cover the transaction cost probably 1.5 ADA?) for total 10B.

and if you interest to work with the token feel free to DM me. I might not be standby all the time. But I try to check at least once a day.

Thank you.


we can distribute it for ya if you wish! tried to DM on twitter, but no luck

I’m really sorry, but I didn’t receive your MD in my Twitter. How can I contact you?
What’s your twitter?