Introducing PIGY Token

Hello guys,
recently I was dealing with distribution of Pigy tokens from pool operators and I have some points which I would like to share with you as feedback:

  1. I realized that most of the delegators don´t know about Pigy and pool operators aren´t offering the Pigy tokens by themselves, so I think we should make some advertisement also on the side of the pool operators. I assume each pool operator who accepted Pigy token consider it as a good idea for his business, so it won´t make any hurt to promote Pigy also on pool´s web page, put there a logo and write little about it, to let people know.

  2. I am not sure whether rewarding Pigy after 4 epochs has some particular meaning, but for me it would be easier to check if there will be reward once a month which is more or less 6 epochs.
    Also was speaking about automated distribution of Pigy which as far as I understand is not possible until smart contracts are ready.

Pigy is aimed to help small pool operators for me very similar to Fair trade which is helping small farmers. People are looking for fair trade logo by themselves because they know it is good for the farmers and for them as consumers as well. We should build the brand name in a similar way, to let people know that Pigy is good for the small pools and small pools are beneficial for the whole network.

All in all concluded it is good for everybody, so let´s $PIGY! Baby :grin: :love_you_gesture:


Wow… Thank you so much for supporting $PIGY.
Yes, I understood what you mean. I am also planning to create some video ads right now and I got support from couple of SPO and friends that I meet in this forum. We’re creating some kind of logo, something like “PIGY certified” or “PIGY distributor” or “You can get PIGY here” that can advertise in SPO website or in adapools.

The reason I pick 4 is I think it’s the medium and I can tell that 4 is the minimal, any pools can decide for how long one delegator might stay and give how many PIGY in return. I just provide a guide, but not a rule. Hope that in the future this how many epoch and how many PIGY one delegator can be some sort of bargaining between pool and delegator.
And yes for automatic, we should wait the smart contract to roll.
Thank you so much for understanding the mission of PIGY token.
I really appreciate your post that help me promote PIGY token. :+1:


Yes, i am agree with you.
SPO that receive PIGY need to be active gives information to delegators about PIGY as an extra rewards and ask delegators to claim it.
Currently KAWAN marketing team is doing that and we already distribute to almost 100 delegators with 1k $PIGY for each delegators.
We need to do this together to make $PIGY distributed well among delegators


Thanks for your feedback!

In the next days i create some advertisement content for the SPOs like Banner Ad, Banner Image and so on. Please be patient :slight_smile:


To All SPO that have PIGY Token.
We have created a subpage with some PIGY Token emblems & banners.
Feel free to embedded in your sources!
We will create more Banner Ads for Websites in the future. Please stay here for updates.


Thanks for the drop!

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We submitted for 10m pigy tokens Pool SANTO. Hope you received our transaction id. I really like your idea to breed piggy tokens using smart contract. This will allow creation of more unique and scarce varieties which can be traded for higher value. :pig::fire:


CHRTY shared pigy tokens with the delegators


Thank you for joining our project. I am not at my desk at this moment. I’ll check and get back to you on Monday. Thank you.

Thanks for the pigy tokens. :star_struck:
ALFA will share them to delegators once we have enough to mint a block every epoch.


If you see your friend and they have little Pigy like this

Feel free to breed them in here


Is the breeding code working? Can we see the new blended pigy images on blockchain yet? I cant find any new blends.

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Yes, it’s been running continuously for the past two weeks. Sixty-two pig-image tokens have been created or bred. Here is the latest transaction today, which takes two images as input and outputs three images:

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Thats cool. How do I search for this ones parents?




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You can search for PIG@2xQZAqhA5T8zeqjf in any of the online token explorers. (It’s unfortunate that the common wallets don’t display token images.) Does anyone know of a token explorer that shows images and metadata like, but is also searchable by asset ticker?

If you want to view these in, just use the following URL, where the ticker for the token is appended to the policy ID after a period:

You can also search and click in the family tree:

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Does the breeding code work with Yoroi? Yoroi cant send multiple assets in same transaction. Only works with daedalus?

It’s much easier with Daedalus, but we’ve set the service up so that it will combine multiple transactions coming from the same Yoroi wallet. (Smart contracts will make it easier, too, if wallets support those well.) Here is how to do the token blending in Yoroi:

  1. Send the first pig-image token to the service address.
  2. Send the second pig-image token to the service address, from the same wallet as #1.
  3. Send one PIGY token to the service address, from the same wallet as #1. It’s important to send the PIGY token last. (If you happen to send the PIGY token first instead of last, then you can just send a transaction with minimum ADA alone, and a new image-token will be minted and returned with the PIGY. Then you can try again in the order #1, #2, #3. It’s not possible to blend if the PIGY is sent first.)

The service will detect that all three inputs came from addresses with the same stake address. As soon as it has enough PIGY and ADA from addresses with that same stake address, it will process whatever tokens were received, and perform the minting or burning accordingly. Sending the PIGY last will make sure that minting/burning doesn’t occur prematurely. (BTW, the service supports burning tokens, so that one can recover the min-ada associated with an unwanted token.)

Needless to say, having to do this with multiple transactions in Yoroi is a hassle. (It’s also a headache from the software development perspective, too.) We’re mostly stuck with this situation until Yoroi has better token-sending abilities.

1 Like does not recognize any pigy tokens or newly minted pigy not sure why it found my hashguardian and spacecoins all i did was connect my yoroi wallet to account

Thanks so much for alerting me! I tested this for several of the pig tokens and see that will display tokens if they only have the CIP-25 metadata for tokens (tag 721). If they additionally have other metadata such as CIP-20 message metadata (tag 674), then they aren’t displayed. The 721 metadata in the minting transaction is correct in all four cases I examined, but just the two tokens with only 721 display in, even though all four display in

I just posted an issue on their github repository and pointed out that tokens with 721 metadata should be displayed regardless of any other metadata that might have been in the minting transaction.

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a second, third… key in a metadata content should not affect the outcome of the key 721. than the implementation on is not made very well.

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