Introducing [ROG] pool, mission-driven pool dedicated for KIDS CANCER FUNDATIONS

Hi, I would like to introduce myself,
I’m Kamil SPO of ROG pool, also I’m father of 3 helthy kids, but some of the parents cant say the same. Some pople unfortunately have to fight every day and care about kids with cancer, its sad, mad and not faire, and this is realy big problem in XXI centuary, no metter where we live, We as a comunity of this brililiant Cardano project can build and run stake-pool and help other people, animals, enviroment. To be honest, for us the sky is the limit. I did make it decision that I would like to help the youngest one with cancer, in my opinion life for them was not fair enough, and they are deserve some sun and hope in life. I do belive as a SPO of ROG pool I can change something and give them some hope. Join to us and lets change the world together.


A warm welcome :sunflower:

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Thank you so much.