Introducing SPREAD Fairness Pool [SPRD] - Software for the blockchain

Big salute to the Cardano Community!

I give you a quick and simple introduction to my stake pool SPREAD Fairness [SPRD]

The pool operator:

  • I am Patrick from Südtirol and I want to make this world fairer since I found out that we humans are not.
    • For the technical part, I am a long-time professional software engineer with a passion for backdoors and reverse engineering. I am invested in cryptos since 2017 and I believe in the future for Cardano!
    • For the business part, I have built up an E-Commerce business in 2017 and sold it in 2020.
    • For the private part, I am a passionate nature lover, mountain guide, sport enthusiastic and a traveler at the moment located in Andalucía, Spain.

The pool

  • Ticker: SPRD
  • Pledge: 10 ADA
  • Fixed fee: 340 ADA
  • Variable fee: 1 %
  • Website:
  • Contact:
  • Pool ID / hash: 2064da38531dad327135edd98003032cefa059c4c8c50c2b0440c63d
  • Location: Nuremberg, Germany
  • Pool infrastructure: The nodes are hosted with contabo on 6 cores VPS servers with 16 GB RAM and 400 GB SSD and up to 400 Mbit/s. The setup consists of 1 relay node and 1 producer but as soon as the pool mints block it will be extended with further relays.
  • Pool redundancy: The data center has a redundant power supply, redundant internet connection and redundant cooling.
  • Why should users check out my pool? About the value of SPRD:
    • First the problem: Decentralization is one of the key aspects of the Cardano PoS model and to achieve it we need a good spread of the stake among different owners and hosters.
    • Now the solution: I decided to start a pool to support the decentralization, but that’s not all of course! I am developing software that:
      • brings awareness of decentralization leaks
      • helps delegators for choosing a pool which is good for the blockchain
      • ensures delegators rewards by a notification system for the “best” delegation
      • boosts single pool operators
      • of course it is free, secure, and open source on Github
    • Visit the website for the full road map for instance it will be a smart contract in the future.

I am going through life with Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world!’

So, be fair!

PS: Dont hesitate to contact me for any question.


Hi @Patrick_Astralis ,

congrats on your new stake pool. Happy Easter & hope more delegator stake in your pool :coffee:

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Congratulations on getting the new stake pool running!

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Welcome to our beautiful community! :slight_smile:

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