Introducing The Crypto Trek Stake Pool [TRAIL]

Dear Cardano Community,

Happy to introduce Crypto Trek’s TRAIL pool!

The Crypto Trek was created by a group of experienced software developers and crypto ehnthusiastics. We are big fans of the Cardano ecosystem and its decentralized future.
Our goals are to create a high-performance pool with minimal fees, to enable everyone a fair chance to participate in this revolutional financial system.

Ticker - [TRAIL]

Fixed Fee - 350 ₳

Variable Fee - 1%

Our pledge - 1k ₳ (we will make this larger as we grow)

Website - The Crypto Trek

Contact email -

Pool ID - 2191a50e38d946f0980fce56cd338d6d74781b6ee03e491bcb8cdaa2

Twitter -

Would be great to see you stake with us :slight_smile: THANK YOU!