IOHK could provide official "dummy" wallet in app stores

“I LOST my ADA” - " Fake wallets on Play Store" - “Where is my ADA”
Probably you are familiar with these type of topics here in Cardano forum. And the root cause in many cases is that users downloaded a fake wallet onto their phone…
So to prevent users from such activity maybe IOHK could provide an official application which would just tell users that Daedalus app still under development for mobile and only available on PC, if you want to use your mobile please download YOROI wallet - link.

What do you think?

With this at least there would be an official app with marked as protected or official and so on…

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Hi @laplasz ,

that would be one possibilities. I hope that they have enough man power to develop mobile apps (IOG Team). Another option is that the ADA buyer needs to open the official Cardano website ( And in that website, they already mention the official wallets (Daedalus/Yoroi/Adalite).

The problem is that some people don’t do research beforehand. They just directly installed the mobile apps without knowing what is Cardano, the wallet, how to move it securely (transaction), and so on.

Some luckily use hot wallet (Exodus, Voyager, etc.) Some use Daedalus/Yoroi/Adalite + Ledger/Trezor. Some of them sadly go to these scam apps.

I don’t know what to say.

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This quote states my position.

And they have ATM more important things in hands.

It’s ludicrous to think and hope IOG will be able to solve/prevent the scams happening and to come.

As goes the saying, “if you want something done, do it yourself”, I suggest the creation by the ones who are concerned, of groups in telegram and the likes. You won’t prevent everything, but for sure some of it.

We can’t expect to just dump every problem on IOG to solve. When at least is in the hands of the community, which is the epicenter of this project, to act upon.


EDIT: Have in mind a important fact. Voltaire will come, this forum will be the building block of the democratization of the network, or sites the like, so why not start right now doing what is supposed to be in the future? IOG can’t be a watchdog for everything that happens.

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Yes - there is already community maintained scripts, sites, etc…
But none of them can use Daedalus wallet as name because of the trade mark policy…I thought…

But after reading it, probably there is a chance to add official names to a community maintained product…

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@laplasz even if you couldn’t do that, creating groups of awareness for scams and so on would still be possible.

You think IOG would disaprove of anyone to alert newcomers for possible scams?

Again, it’s all in the hands of the community. The torrent of complains that arrived in the last month was incresasingly high. And it’s just the beginning…

It’s paramount for the community to take action; again, if you feel too. I personnaly don’t, not now at least.


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