…iohk summit…

  • has relevance / value to me, i’ve already bought a ticket
  • has relevance / value to me, but it’s too far and expensive etc
  • has no relevance / value to me, it’s a waste of time and resources

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i’ve been seeing a hard push to sell tickets to the iohk summit. seems there’s some desperation, thought it’d be interesting to gauge community interest and sentiment. feel free to expand on your thoughts in responses on this thread. looking forward to reading your thoughts…

I answered “has relevance / value to me” but I am not paying for it, IOHK is (I work for IOHK).


has relevance / value to me, i’ll be buying a ticket when adapay is live


From the looks of it, it will be an IOHK employee gathering and probably people from Emurgo. I would hope that the larger developer community would attend as well as prospective developers. All I know is that the overall Marketing effort for Cardano has been lackluster. Still think a Coin name change is in order much like Ripple except I prefer Ripple over XRP. Name = Branding. It’s OK to pay homage to people and all. However Marketing and Branding is a whole different ball game.

Evercoin, Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum (oddly enough), and Hypercash were selected as the best and most relatable names on a survey I conducted. Ontology (People thought this was a Doctor of some sort), EOS (people identifie this with the camera), Tron (the movie obviously), Cardano and Qtum (people could not relate to crypto) as well as Lisk, and lastly people thought Golem was a game.

I hope the conference is a success but since the project is moving slowly and the mainnet isn’t out, I think this will be for early adopters. Odd because Charles mentioned that people would want a limited number of developers building good products over a mass of devs building things of less quality in the beginning of the platform. It makes sense but when your dev population is already limited due to the programming language, the # people participating will be even smaller as you can never expect 100% attendenance.


:laughing: true, true

gonna have to agree with the general sentiment here

would be interested to know if you’d pay if the company wasn’t. i know it’s not in your best interest to reply honestly if it’s not the case, so don’t feel obligated…

not that i think it’s not of value, i’m just curious to get a sense of true value from an unsubsidised open market standpoint.

I dont know what angle is going to be used to market these to the public at large?? Buy some Lisk! - Sounds like a detergent. Get Ontology! - Is that a colon check up or cleansing? Visit Tron.io - I’ve already seen both versions of the movie…not interested. Lmao


:rofl: coudn’t agree more…

these would make for a good illustrated meme, with the speech bubble and a thought bubble… i’d do this if i had the time…

was gonna say luckily cardano doesn’t have it that bad, then it occured to me that Ada sounds like a detergent…

I agree entirely. It’s hard to associate Ada with a coin. Sounds like the name of a singer or K-pop group. Heard that new song by Ada? She has a duet with Ariana Grande. And Eminem does a guest appearance on that new Ada song.

Bitcoin has a ring, its memorable, it relates and expresses the product to the idea. I mean seriously when is the last time someone said, hey lets go to the store and buy some Einstein, even though it sounds like it would be a good name for a beer? Hi, do you accept Einsteins? Do you take Obama coin? Can you break 20 Baracks? Generally, not a good idea to relate things like this to a person even if you want to pay homage. I get it. Trump Coin sounds better than Ada Coin…I mean it sounds like it trumps all coins but in all likeliness it wouldnt be accepted at many locations and definitely not Mexico…maybe North Korea…but not Mexico.

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lol, although much like the election, adoption of it could surprise… especially when the opposition is inept and elitist…

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I concur. If trump coin was a thing, a group of socialists would make the supply unlimited and everyone could have as much as they wanted.

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@CardanoConnect all systems are gooo… :rocket:

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I almost did this today. When you start the process it sends you an email with the wallet address to send your Ada. Once the transaction is confirmed, you get a onetime use code that you use on Eventbrite to complete your registration. Interesting way to hack together AdaPay. Not bad.

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There is no hard push. There is excitement and enthusiasm. You might take into consideration you own distrust of the crypto market. If you don’t believe your investment is good or wise then your negative observation probably seems right to you.

The company is still in early stages, just rewrote it’s entire code base including creating additional code in Haskell. Cardano hasn’t even launched on the main net yet. The negativity existing in the community is unfortunate for all who are exposed to it’s corrosive effects. I expect Shelly will be launched in early April. I do not believe they will meet their goal of the end of March.

I suspect there will be a selloff where many weak hands will fuss and fret and seek to get out. We are preparing to buy if that happens.

Cardano’s launch of Shelly will set things up for the staking pools which are necessary for the decentralization of Cardano to take full effect. From this point things will ramp up. The additional features still in development will be pushed and added as quickly as is reasonably possible under scientific and mathematical constraints.

Why some of us believe Cardano is in trouble frustrates me. Everything they are doing is fully exposed to us excluding some proprietary business relationships which are yet to be revealed.

The Cardano project is not being done in some parents garage with a bunch of wild eyed hackers hammering away at their keyboards. The programming is being accomplished internationally in University labs where testing and back testing is taking place to assure the system works as represented. The Cardano Project is not an easy project. The science involved includes solving problems in crypto thought to be impossible to overcome. Yet some of us whimper about the time they are taking.

It is my personal observation as a production engineer from the field of aerospace that this team is working very fast. Pay close attention to why Hoskinson has been saying in recent AMA’s. People are taking their papers and code and adding it to their projects. So if you see other projects beating their chests and hyping their advancements just remember Cardano did the heavy lifting and work to develop the impossible just so other s could copy it.

I personally would have copy written the code and prevented anyone from duplicating Cardano’s work. I believe it was foolish of them to put so much of it out there for the world to have access too. Maybe they will start protecting their work after they get through with the major components.

In my personal thinking OpenSource programming is very much akin to Open borders for countries. It seems to make since until your commercial world start collapsing because of it.

Ate then end of the day and soon in April we will see some very positive activity unfold. If Shelly is launched on time great. If Shelly isn’t launched on time Great. We are buyers. If the staking pools are as good as represented then the more ADA we have to stake the better. We don’t trade and don’t plan to use ADA until it becomes capable of being used in retail.


If you have no confidence in your wise investment then sell.

@Yeshuaschildren thanks for your contribution. though you seem to have misunderstood the intention and it’s implementation in the form of this thread.

you state

yet don’t give a comparative context. here’s one for example. unlike charles, tim cook from apple doesn’t go on show after show plugging WWDC. unlike iohk, apple doesn’t keep repeatedly tweeting pointing people to tickets for WWDC. unlike iohk, apple doesn’t subsidies their tickets which cost around $2,000 and over - and that’s if you’re lucky enough to get chosen in the raffle - because there’s just that much inbound demand of people wanting to attend.

now, of course i know i’m comparing apple to oranges - but from a comparative conference demand standpoint, it’s a valid illustration of inward bound vs. outward bound.


you’re conflating iohk with cardano. cardano is not iohk.

iohk summit is not a/the cardano conference.

I buy and sell. I make money. I don’t need you to tell me how to invest. Don’t be mad at the facts. Don’t be mad that you’ve lost money and didn’t sell at the appropriate time. Don’t fall in love with financial instruments. They are there for use and becoming emotionally involved compromises financial judgement. You obviously have been compromised emotionally.

Agreed that patents should have been filed. This give everything away approach is senseless for a “for profit” entity building a platform. IOHK is for profit, yet giving away research and code funded by its employer. That’s odd.

Yes saw this. I was going to make a meme of this. Trump coin, accepted nowhere.

It’s really not. There are many arguments for open source development but in this context the main one is trust: any coder can check that it does no more nor less than what it claims to do. For more info (there’s enormous amounts out there) just google “open source”.