IOHK training

I’m curious, does :cardano: foundation provide training for people living in NYC?
For things like;
Haskell, blockchain technology, cryptography, how to implement and distribute systems. Open protocols for systems, learn how to run pilots and so on…

NYC is clearly not a third world country but there is abundance of raw talent here. The best student in any country would be no match to someone who has been transplanted here at a young age, forced to struggle for years to close the cultural and linguistic gap. Just the sheer will,determination and drive would place such a person ahead of the pack.

I speak Russian, Tajik and Uzbek and can feel at home in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Russia. With the exception of Russia pretty much every other country on that list is a definition of a third world country.

Would be amazing if IOHK had a program running in NYC for people with special talents, skills, languages and exotic backgrounds to recruit and train. I’m sure there’s no shortage of universities here that would love to partner up with IOHK.

Ofcourse a determined, driven and focused person wouldn’t necessarily need any of it, and could get there on there own as well.


I hope they will put some stuff on some MOOC platform in the future. IMHO, that would be the most effective way.


They are looking at places where no financial infrastructure exist whatsoever to facilitate adoption. Any post soviet country would be disqualified on that basis as they all have highly skilled workforce and banking infrastructure in place. Oh and yeah, corruption + entrenched interests probably won’t help. Post soviet space is the worst place to start.

Ok, :cardano: is currently in Barbados and Ethiopia. You’re telling me Afghanistan, Tajikistan,Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan have vastly superior infrastructure than Ethiopia and Barbados? “Wah yuh chatting bout man?”

Do you really believe there is less corruption in the African continent than the Central Asian region?

What is purpose of :cardano: if not to help counties that fit the template of high resources paired with poor management.

You might have a paradigm shift if you visit those countries. It’s really not what you imagine. It actually sounds kinda silly, no offense.

Since when Afghanistan was part of the FSU? Have you been to Africa?

I am positive that Central Asia has better financial infrastructure than some sub Saharan Countries. South Africa is perhaps the most developed there.

FSU are corrupt and are hard to change, because they pretty much are controlled by Russia.

That’s my informed opinion. And ResourCes is spelled with a C and there is a T the end of ManagemenT.

Before you tell me the fact that you are from the region, (Uzbek?) let me tell you that doesn’t make you an expert. I have met a lot of brainwashed folks from FSU.

The BS is very strong in that part of the world because of the state controlled media. I don’t blame them, they are just victims.

Peace :wink:

“Tajik,” from Uzbekistan, with Russian education, raised in BKLYN from the age of fourteen, US citizen, an American.

Here’s my genealogical background, there’s my face, and my name. I don’t hide behined an icon and a fake name to go around pointing out spelling mistakes. I’m not going to go into it with you. Your argument are somewhat incoherent and “stupidity” drains my soul.

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I did not mean to offend you, but if facts rub you the wrong way, I rest my case.

Don’t forget to be awesome :wink:

You haven’t, just bored me a little that’s all. However arguing with you further is pointless, so don’t forget to be awesome as well :slight_smile:


Sorry, I can’t help it: you probably meant “your” argument not “you’re”. As in “Your spelling drains my soul.”

:sleeping: :sweat_smile: my autocorrect drans your soul, paired with lack of slep after a 16hoir shift at the Dialysis center. I left you few more spelling mistakes, this time on purpose. See if you can catch them :smirk:


23 and me was interest… plenty going on there :+1:

Yep, it’s pretty cool! I actually went a step further and got Whole Genome Sequencing from

I’m excited to see how blockchain technology will be implemented in this field!

Amazing, I liked the first one best, I think I’d rather live in ignorant bliss than know my fate :grinning:. I’m going to get something like that, though there’s another company that can put you in touch with relatives you might not even know you have. I know an English girl who’s been put in touch with relatives in Israel and has visited a number of times now. It’s a bizarre story, her dad had neglected to tell her that he came from Israel so she was pretty shocked.

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You should look into Nebula Genomics, a new startup by Harvard faculty George Church.

“Nebula Genomics will leverage blockchain technology to eliminate the middleman and empower people to own their personal genomic data. This will effectively lower sequencing costs and enhance data privacy, resulting in growth of genomic data. Our open protocol will leverage the genomic data growth by enabling data buyers to efficiently aggregate standardized data from many individuals and genomic databanks.”

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I’ve read about this, it’s pretty interesting. I’ll definitely take a closer look, thanks!

With regards to selling your genomic data you can already do so for Luna coin…

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This one does that too. I got in touch with a second cousin from Ukraine I didn’t know I have. Also my siblings took the test, and it matched us up as well. It’s pretty accurate!

Excellent, I’ll have a go at 23 then, who knows what it’ll unearth. My family are England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion one of my nans family originated from India or somewhere from the east. Was there anything in yours that surprised you?

Yep, Italian was a surprise. It instantly got me thinking “Marco Polo :thinking:?”

:smiley: I thought you’d have gone for Gerolamo Cardano, are you any good at maths?

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