IOHK Zendesk issues


I am having issues with my IOHK Zendesk account: I am no longer able to reply to my own tickets or to mark them as solved. The only thing I can do is to create new tickets, but then I can not interact with them in any way, once they were created. Namely, it is impossible for me to update them or respond to Zendesk requests about those tickets.

I am accessing IOHK Zendesk through

I already did try to contact Zendesk about this issue, through two separate tickets unsuccessfully: After waiting two days for a response, both tickets got closed without an answer and the issue persists.

I know this is probably not the best place to address this Zendesk issue, but at this point I am running out of options, except try opening a new Zendesk support account, with a new email. Beyond that, I am totally clueless.

Anyway, this looks like a strange issue and I am wondering if anybody went through the same. I would very much appreciate any tip that could point me towards the right direction in order to solve this.

Thank you.

Hi @Godio

Could you please DM me your account details so I can let our people take a look?


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Thanks for your fast answer, I DMed you the account details.

I had the same problem but I thought my Brave browser was responsible for this issue. It’s not just you.

Thanks for your reply. At least I am not alone in this weird situation. How did you solve it?

I have the same situation with my account - I can only create new requests:

Thanks for sharing. I thought I was alone on this, but apparently we all have the same issue

Following the suggestion of Andy_Hendrikx (Cardano Foundation) on this same thread I contacted IOHK Zendesk by email.

They told me this is an issue that is currently affecting ALL IOHK Zendesk users. IOHK Zendesk already filled a ticket with Zendesk and are waiting for the resolution of the problem.

Meanwhile if you need to contact IOHK Zendesk for support on any issue, probably the best way is to create a new ticket (as usual) but then follow up by email: Every time you create a ticket on Zendesk, you receive an email about that ticket. If you reply to that email, Zendesk will email you back. There you have your communication channel restablished with IOHK Zendesk, despite the current issues with the tickets. It is very fast and effective actually. So, email away, guys ! :slight_smile:

I email Support telling them to manually close my ticket as “Solved”. I haven’t checked it since.

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I know exactly what you mean. Nobody cares much for those automated emails. I feel the same way.

However, when you do reply to one of those emails, in the case of IOHK Zendesk, you will find a very responsive and fast email communication on the other end, at least on my own experience.

I am also having this problem. I raised a ticket, because I am trying to add to conversation and it isn’t working. I tried various browsers.

It is not you, it is a Zendesk issue. I would expect them to solve it fast…