Support Tickets follow ups

Hi Team,

How to follow up on support tickets raised? Tickets numbers given below.
ticket : #94725, ticket : 94775.

I sent emails but I didn’t get a reply. Please help.


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I do not think IOHK/zendesk helpdesk is here. This is community technical support :slight_smile:
If you describe your issue here, community members will be able to assist

Hi Priyank,

May be from you or someone else in the Telegram channel, I understood what is the issue.

It is related to Yoroi synchronization which is not happening for long time now. Due to which my ITN pool registered on 26th May is still not visible in Yoroi. I had raised ticket for that but there is no update from IO.

The same thing is happening for Shelly explorer as my pool meta data details are not updated.

I remember Charles asked the community to close all technical issues through support team instead of discussing here but unfortunately support team is not answering my follow up emails.

I can understand that all are busy with HTN but as per Charles updates, he has some plans for ITN and people having balance in ITN wallet. Due to this reason, I still want to make my ITN pool up and running.

Is there any way to escalate the issue? Ideally we should have support process and escalation matrix in cases issues not are taken up for longer duration. I can see that this facility is not provided by IO.

As mentioned on telegram workgroup channel, the current focus for teams is HTN, given that the rewards for ITN stop at epoch 190 (12 days from now), and upcoming haskell testnet being made public - ITN issues are a bit low priority at the moment.

Different use case, but essentially running a pool will not continue to earn you rewards in ITN post epoch 190.

Agree. It’s a different use case. Also there is no expectation to earn rewards at this point in time. I am trying to understand the support process and how support can provide convincing answer without delay since my ticket is pending with them for 10 days.

In one of the AMA, Charles said, we have a support team for you guys to approach instead of discussing your technical issues in forums. I would have appreciated if the answer given by you was provided to me earlier by the IO support team instead of keeping quite on my email request for update.

Anyways, I do understand the current transition to HTN. Also I am a strong believer in Cardano and Charles’s leadership so I will close the issue and will try my luck on HTN from tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for your continues support.