Is it going to explode? 0.1? right now



Buy or sell?


1650 now. This is a long-term investment I think, I’d hold.
Saying that I’ve watched it go from 780 to 1600 in a few hours, wish I’d bought them a few days ago!


no sleep tonight,i wish it could fall to 0.8


It’s taking off and without marketing. Insane. The big pumps are still to come. It is only the beginning. I still can’t believe I got in this early.


Congratulations on your wise decisions


I just bought some more at 1600, dropped to 1200 in minutes, so immediate-term, “wise” is not the word I’d use :grinning:

Still, in it for the long term.


Have buy when it was 0.018 now sell or wait?


Im still waiting stupid pending on bittrex from 17 00am to buy ada


Wait and hold @nldenic , This is a natural drop from profit taking. Don’t throw away for a loss in panic selling.


@Justice0320 thank you will wait. Have say always will wait 1 year. I know it was before the first roadmap also like this but not from 350 to 1200 satoshi :). Waiting is the best


Lucky I got in early. This is amazing. I sense anything under $1 is undervalued with ADA. What will happen if/when BTC corrects is anyone’s guess though. Definitely long term vision so shouldn’t matter?


My rule of crypto is this: It can crash 50% any day. But in 3 years will be massively up. I still believe in this rule.


Salut @LaurenceB! You basically FOMO! The trend is your friend, until it ends. :smiley:
First rule of trading: Never buy the top. Buy the dip & sell the top. Don’t let your emotions take the better of you. After such a pump, there is always a correction, that’s when it’s time to buy. You’ll recover though. Best of luck!


After getting into crypto early this year and buying ETH between $40-50 I made some bad trades based on panic and fear.
As i’ve watched the markets over the past 9 months I am definitely now a HODLer (to a fault, I didn’t take profit on ETH when it first got to $400 and held all the way down and back up and down again!)
Having no previous trading experience and having taken the lessons i’ve learnt this year i’m now a lot more comfortable holding through the turbulent times, both good and bad.

Ultimately this is a long term project that is only just making it’s entry into the market. I’m happy holding, just looking at some comments on a Facebook ADA group of people who sold at 600 waiting for a drop has shown me the perils of trading with emotion.


If you are interested in the quick flip, sell. If you are interested in the long term vision of the project, important impact of ADA, and exponential profit opportunity, HOLD. Consider the potential and what it may represent for the value of ADA:

  1. ADA is currently only listed on Bittrex - What happens when it gets listed on 5-6 other exchanges?
  2. ADA has done almost no marketing - What happens when they bring their marketing team onboard?
  3. ADA has one of the most comprehensive teams in cryptocurrency to date, especially when compared to other offering.
  4. ADA has only released mainnet and its wallet - What happens when releases accelerate in CY18Q2-Q4?
  5. ADA addresses both the scalability issues found in Ethereum and cost/speed/voting/usability issues of Bitcoin.

This is just my general perspective, but when ADA gets running on all cylinders, it will be a something special. I got in at 251 satoshi. I am in for the long haul.


FOMO? Maybe. I had already bought some, but held off investing further, saw the spike and thought I’d better get in, as the promise of Cardano has great potential. Lesson learned I guess, I expect it to go back up and beyond 1600 soon so not too concerned.


Thanks ADA Community. I believe ADA & Dev Team since the whiteboard session. Now it is happened. I will more in-depth to learn ADA and try to make it on the ground. Returning to the society in Jakarta, to make it more growth…