ITN problem! ADA automatically moved to balance wallet

I’ve been staking my ADA on ITN for weeks now, all was fine until today…I opened my Daedalus ITN and when it loaded…all my ADA moved out of Staking Wallets into the regular Balance Wallet… how did this happen if I did NOT authorize this myself?? help please??
*UPDATE::SOLVED! Thank you guys.

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  1. Make sure you have your recovery seed phrase
  2. Delete ITN wallet.
  3. Recover ITN wallet.



Also good to know: this is just a display error, the rewards come in normally. It is not required that you recover anything. I’m assuming this will be fixed with one of the next updates.


okay…however it makes re-delegating ADA to different pools impossible… ?

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Yes, you are right. If you need to send ada or re-delegate it, then of course you need to recover it first. Otherwise the wallet will throw an error like “insufficient funds”.

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I tried deleting and re-installing…but it does not even prompt me for recovery seed? once i reinstall it just opens the same asbefore…any idea?

I tried deleting and re-installing…but it does not even prompt me for recovery seed? once i reinstall it just opens the same asbefore…any idea? do i just delete the app or do I need to delete the wallets inside of daedalus first…?

Deleting the ITN WALLET. Recovering the ITN WALLET.

so…delete wallet inside of Daedalus? not delete daedalus app from computer right? i deleted the entire APP and reinstall APP… didn’t work… you are saying to delete the wallets inside daedalus ?

You got it. The ITN WALLET ONLY.

wait…the balance ITN or the staking ITN? sorry so confusing…thank you for your help…

I am always a bit careful when giving advice to delete a wallet. You should really only do this if you really know you have the seed words to restore it.

It’s save to restore the wallet on a second machine, tho. Please note, that if you want to do this, you have to delete the wallet in Daedalus not deleting the app itself. (in the wallet got to settings -> delete)


I let you follow up this for more clarity.

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I am just needing to know, do I delete the Balance ITN wallet? Reward ITN wallet or both? …

Rewards Wallet. The one with the 15 words.

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I agree with you on this, and think it is important that it is clear that if you do not have the seed to recover a rewards wallet and you delete it you will never be able to recover it again, and a safe way for someone to be sure they have the recovery address is to use the seed phrase to recover on a second machine if they have access to one before they delete the first wallet.






My wallet had been fine since it started but since Thursday I’ve had to recover the ITN wallet 3 times. Definitely annoying.


Empathize. This is an easy mindset to get to for sure, less some counterbalance.


~ Open/append a support case with related log for each recovery, and chalk it up as a Shelley dev contribution.

~ Plan B, Shelley is dropped as a preemie, risking ADA, not the ITN ADAfiat. There’s no Plan B.

~ If all goes as planned, ADAfiat will monetize ITN operations to ADA. That’s fiat to hard money, deducted from the back-end of ADA’s allotment or future float, if you rather that term. That’s Newtonian alchemy front and center, not more of the Killian neck collar, fractional fiat stank.

I’m not saying I’m more annoyed than you when I tell you the last recovery of my ten wallets was from memory; today was number four! I am saying though, I am absolutely convinced it’s well worth the relatively minor effort. As far as I’m aware, It’s the best shot we’ve got right now.


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