ITN Rewards Transaction to Byron Mistake?

Hoping someone in the know and with much more on chain expertise than I… I have very little :), could help guide me to info, a link a post or a method in which I could correct my issue.

The issue is this… and should I be correct in my assumptions… I may have transfered ‘double’ my ADA rewards back to my own previous Byron Wallet Staking Address by mistake after clicking the claiming button maybe more than once. (Working on and am in contact with their support)… meanwhile any light shed here would be much appreciated to eleviate the confusion I am feeling a.t.m.

Pretty sure I heard Charles mention this type of error in a recent video.


My Q. Would it be possible for me to eventually access my Yoroi Wallet when live again, in order correct this. i.e. to swap and/or send my own Byron ADA via Yoroi to my own Shelley Wallet ADA on. Yoroi… or would it be a little more complex?

My ADA balance is correct as stated but the delegation amount did not reflect my full balance? Just hoped anyone could give perhaps only a small indication that recovery from my own Byron ADA Address in wallet is possible… at least somewhere, and that I have not potentiallly lost my own ADA in my own wallet. :slight_smile:

Yup… a silly thing to do but if anyone has heard of Murphies Law (no offence intended to all the Murphies out there reading this) then seems link I have contributed to that law. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to learning from anyone kind enough to reply with a potential solution to the problem… if it is deemed there is one.


Don’t know what’s going on there but I’m pretty sure ITN rewards should only be able to go to a Shelley wallet…

Thanks for your reply Rob. It is much appreciated and yes… I feel sure that it should be possible and still awaiting a reply from adalite with the results of their own investigation as to what happened.

I normally use Yoroi and heard that my wallet could be accessed via adalite so I suspect after 1 too many clicks from claiming my ITN rewards, unintentionally redelegating to the origoinal address.

I can only speculate that perhaps the resulting difference between the delegated and on account balance was transfered to an adalite address I own on adalite?

Not sure… but if correct… and again this is only speculation on my part, as I don’t want to rush ahead of myself, (done that already), there maybe a simple explaination in that I may find the ‘lost’ ada within adalite itself with an address I have control of… in which case, would be just a question of transfering to my Yoroi Wallet Shelley address.

Not sure if this made any sense?

Maybe all will be made clear or maybe not but any more info out there, technical or otherwise, that would help resolve this would be reeeealy appreciated. :slight_smile:


Sorted! Thanks to superb support from & Michal Petro! Hope Cardano support will one day eventually consolidate to be like this :slight_smile:

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