Its over 9000!

Yea, thats basically it, I have NO idea why though, any suggestions?

What do you mean by 9000? Definitely the volume of Cardano has gone up to $788 Million.

I think there are massive amount of money is being pumped in to the quality crypto altcoins including Cardano and Stellar. Both started to take off. Cardano white paper is due soon. There were few YouTube sessions done by Charles which has given enough visibility to wider audience. He has answered many questions as well.

Overtaking Bitcoin Cash for the Market Cap is not that far!

It was over 9000 satoshi on bittrex =D

So aparantly what happened was that IOHK made the update to the roadmap, but hid it on the site, some users figured out that they could watch it before it was supposed to be made public by adjusting the clock on their pc, so they got to read the update before everyone else.

Thats pretty sad.

Oh well, get ready for the pump when the euros wake up =)

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@Kiriath where did you find this information?

Just set your PCs clock one day ahead and go check the roadmap yourself.


Co-working space, Hong Kong
Meetup for developers and enterprises, Tokyo
Investment in a blockchain project, Shanghai
R&D center, Vietnam
Distributed Futures Research
Ledger Wallet
Debit Cards
Cardano software audit
Accounting model
Plutus Core

Haha yes this is like release of patchnotes on the testserver in the good old times =D