LACE not showing right amount of tokens

The new wallet Lace that was just released is not showing the right amount of tokens. I have WMT tokens in my wallet and every other wallet, Daedalus or Eternl shows the right amount but Lace doesn’t.
Is this a bug and should be reported to the Devs or am I missing something?

Its probably due that Lace only does use one single address. You would have to send all your tokens to this specific address.

… and you have to do the transaction sending all to the first address from a wallet app that sees everything. It’s not possible inside Lace.

In Eternl, you can set the account to single-address mode to cooperate with Lace (or Nami) in the future.

Using Daedalus and Lace in parallel, will always lead to Daedalus moving things away from where Lace can see them.

Really? I would have thought Lace would be handle multiple addresses as having a single address (like Nami) is more of a limitation. Is there a switch to enable multiple addresses?

You did miss Lace’s explanation.

They do not even bother to explain how to repair a wallet, but just suggest to create a new one for Lace.

Thanks. I’ll just start all over again.

Personal opinion: It’s not worth the effort. Lace is not a good wallet app. It has little to offer over Nami and nothing over Eternl.

I do believe single-address mode is the future standard. There is just no reasonable use case for multi-address.

But a leading wallet should have offered automatic migration.

And only allowing one account in one wallet is just an insolence.


It’s disappointing to me that Lace has been released in a half functioning version. It should support multi-address wallets - this is really basic stuff. For a company that has the philosophy of do it slowly, peer review and get it right it misses the mark to often. After the smart contract debacle now we have a wallet which they release without even this very basic functionality. It worries me that they take so long to produce such poor quality unfinished work.