LACE is just announced in production but has a critical bug on token balance

I tried LACE that is just announced ready for general public use and in production. Charles just did a few hours ago a video announcing the news and claiming Lace was tested and corrected for bugs.

However, after pairing LACE with my Ledger nano, which went rather smoothly, the Cardano token balance is incorrect ! It shows only a small amount of my real amount of tokens steering me in a panic mode.
I then cancelled and removed this wallet from LACE, being afraid I could loose some tokens using LACE.
I checked on Daedalus and in ledger Live and there my wallet is correct.

So I conclude it is a bug in LACE. This is unbelievable that it would get out the door for public release having still such an obvious critical bug.

LACE deleted from my computer. Waiting for IOG to be a bit more serious in their app development. UNACCEPTABLE.

Its not a bug, its just that Lace is only using one single address and you would have to merge all your tokens into that single address.


Yeah, Lace works like Nami wallet, using single address mode only. Basically, like what @Zyroxa said above → transfer internally all of your eUTXO into a single eUTXO (single address that your Lace wallet use), if you want to see the correct balance. Same like in Nami wallet.

But of course, wallet selection is based on your preferences. You could use Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami, Eternl, Flint, Typhoon, Lace and so on. Lots of choices out there. Hope it helps. Cheers! :beers:

For the average Joe this is definitely to complicated and confusing. I agree with @Zyroxa it should be clearly communicated by the wallet software, especially with the one that IOG stands behind.


Thank you for the answers and I understand some of you are Cardano ambassadors. However the goal is mass adoption for everyone. I’m assuming Lace is not reserved for developers or PHDs in computer sciences. When I hear that, to make Lace work, i quote : " I should transfer internally all of your eUTXO into a single eUTXO" - end quote, this is total chinese for me. Wha in the world does it mean and how should I do it ? Couldn’t Lace do it for me as a normal user ?

No, reality is that Lace was launched before being a finished product. If they don’t fix it because they expect users to first have to hack whatever technical trickery to have it simply display your token balance, then Cardano will be lost against easier solutions.


The simple advice would be:

Do not use Lace with an existing wallet/account! Create a new one just for it and transfer as much as you like to this new wallet to try it out.

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@Cestmoi : for me personally, I still prefer Eternl wallet (Chrome extension / mobile apps) or Daedalus (desktop app) at the moment. I pair the wallet with Ledger (hardware wallet) for additional security.

And answering your question above, no, Lace doesn’t have “Collect UTxO” functionality yet like Eternl wallet. Another option is using “Send all” feature to the Lace address that you own. Either using Eternl wallet or other wallet that have “Send all” feature.

For simpler solution, see answer from @HeptaSean above. Just create a new wallet in Lace, then transfer your ADA or native tokens to the new wallet from the old wallet tha you own.

Hope it answers some of your question. Wish you a nice weekend. Cheers :beers:

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Had same thing first time I paired my ledger with Daedalus. Tooks some time and help requests to figure out. The bulk of potential users will lose interest if what appears to be a simple operation turns into hours digging around on the web for an answer. Some years ago I had to write a stock control program in basic. One of the criticisms from my long ago examniner was that the program needed to be written from the view point of the user, that said I will be giving lace a try.

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Thanks for all of the answers above. I conclude personally that in my opinion Lace is thus not ready for mass adotption and remains a specialist/expert tool. I still find it unbelievable in its design that it can’t be used for pre-existing accounts, especially hardware ones (Ledger/Trezor).

I’m worried in the future of Cardano if all promising and long awaited products, once they come out, are unfinished, unpolished and are unusable for Mr and mrs everybody.
I have personally the experience of setting up a Cardano stake pool…my god what a misery : uncomplete and dispersed documentation, lack of integration, anwfully complex procedures that mostly do not work because of some small details that were not communicated or badly documented.
After years of development, a cardano stake pool should have an installation tool, quasi automated where the user enters its parameters (pledge, margin, IPs, etc).
Lace now is a second concrete example of an unfinished product that does not deliver on promises (simplicity, a wallet that will push more adoption, etc).

A thrid concrete example is the total failure of Atala Prism, the supposed digital identity masterpiece of Cardano’s developper IOG. We develop digital identity also and I talked personally to Charles Hoskinson during last Cardano summit '2022) about our project. He immediately had a positive reaction and ordered his CTO and team to collaborate with us so that we would not reinvent the wheel. Result : had a one time teams meeting with an account manager of IOG and then nothing, no more contact (although we tried everything to get back in touch with them). IOG plays hard to catch.
As a result we devleop our digital identity on our side, maybe doing double work versus what IOG does with Atala Prism (that nobody on our side saw, not even a test case)…

In the meantime, Cardano’s competition (POS blockchains with smart contract fonctionality) move ahead faster and with better and easier “mass adoption”.