Lace Wallet 1.0 launched / confirmation req.?

Anyone else got the Lace 1.0 Launched announcement in the newsletter? Just making sure it’s legit before I install another wallet :smiley: :grin:

Congrats to the Lace team :+1: (i’m not installing anything yet until confirmed :smiley: )


Hi @mcrio , yes it’s confirmed today via their official Twitter account, see here:

I just tried it in mainnet, using Lace ver. 1.0.0 in Google Chrome.


I was eagerly waiting for this. But, now it is released without Trezor support (which is fully open source unlike Ledger) and without multi-wallet support. Hmmm. I guess I have to wait longer.

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We could already see on testnet that Lace does not have any feature that we have not already seen in other wallet apps.

There is not really a reason to switch to it up to now.


At what stage this project is? Can`t find any download wallet link or button on to test it out. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Well, it’s released for the mainnet since yesterday. You can check the Chrome extension “Add to browser” button in their official website. Hope it helps. Cheers :beers:

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I have windows 7, Edge and Chrome browsers. Have the same webpage look, but no Add to Chrome buttons.

Went to Chrome web shop instead and got Lace 1.0 extension by search.
So far looks good. Just need to figure out what all those numbers and percentages to stake pools mean :nerd_face:

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My comment was a bit negative. To be clear, I think lace is a really good project and I am still going to eagerly wait. However, hardware wallet support (for the open source Trezor) and multi-wallet support are critical “must have” features before I can use it or recommend it to others.