Last chance to accumulate Cardano at 7cents

Hello folks,

We have a great opportunity in my opinion to obtain Ada at such a low price. Essentially, with the crypto space seeming to turn bullish the last few months, with the exception of the Tether Bitfinex news, i dont see us futher declining in price. Also, with Sir Charles basically putting his cards on the table, saying we should most certainly have Shelley out this year, i think its a splendid time to increase your wallet, if your able too, and watch your investement appreciate in value. Its inevitable we as a community will grow, and improve in the next months, and with the market sentiment being quite positive, lets not miss out on the opportunity i think lays ahead of us, as only good times to come in the future! Please share your thoughts :slight_smile: Cheers

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There is a hard limit at zero, and it only has to go to .14 to double your money and sell half to be net zero invested. If you can afford to lose it, the downside is capped.


This doesn’t make sense to me. If the price goes down to $0.001 then how much did you lose if you bought at $0.80 and how far is $0.00001 price from there? Could it go even lower from there? Sure. I dont resonate with your point of view.

Yes last chance at 7 give them a few more months of taking the time to get things perfect before releasing whatever and I’ll be 0.005

It’s math. Say you had $1M at .80, now you are below 100K. I was projecting you are at break even now, so let’s set your investment at 100K for the calculation. If it doubles from .08 to .16, you can sell half of $200K and still have 100K to grow or loose, in addition to your initial investment. If you got in at .80, I’m sorry you suffered, but if you set your sites on getting back to zero, you probably won’t have the best strategy. Even so, if you sell some on the upswings and buy more in the downs, you may get back. And trading to win is your game, not mine. I would invest for value.

If it goes to .00001, what is it worth now? $10 range. Cash in an blow it on a lottery ticket. Point is that there is a value small relative to now that is effectively zero. Can you invest $10 in coin?

I think his point is more along the lines of… If you buy $1000 worth of ADA at $0.07, then the most you can lose is $1000 if it goes to zero. But if it were to go to $5, then you could make $70k. Yes, obviously when you start breaking down % returns, then what you are saying is accurate as well.

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ada going lower short term 5 cents maybe lower , bitcoin will retest 200 day moving average before going to new highs