Ledger asking again to connect on Cardano App Yoroi not able to send

I did login on the Ledger live. However, once I click on Cardano app to get the “Waiting for commands…”. The Ledger Live ask me to connect device again which is an error since the device was already connected and I cannot “Navigate to the Dashboard on your device” while on the screen “Waiting for commands” which force me to disconnected the Ledger Nano S, reconnect and experience the same issue.

I am not able to take my ADAs our of Yoroi at the moment.

PS: Yes, I have the latest version on everything.

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you need to close the Cardano app when you are connecting to the manager in Ledger live. To close it press the right button 2 times to go down until “quit app” is on the display, now press both buttons at the same time.

Best thing is to close Ledger Live when connecting to Yoroi. You will need Ledger Live only for updates.


Thank you! You are right. My bad!

It’s not very intuitive.