Ledger Nano S with Yoroi staking problems

Hello. I hope to get some help…

I recieve the message “Error received from server while sending transaction.” When tring to delegate to a new pool with my ledger nano s. On Yoroi.

Earlier i had another wallet where i had my ada staked, but i withdrew that stake and transfered the adas to the other wallet.

And on this older wallet i can see the other pool i had before but it says “Staking key isnt registred so you wont get rewards”.

Do i need to wait for next epoch on my previous pool and wallet untill i can stake to another pool on the new wallet? Thanks!

Hey @Linus

Do you use Firefox? If so please install Yoroi on Chrome or Brave and try it again.


Hey Fabian.

I use Chrome with the extension. Should i maybe try to remove and install the extension again?

Nah but please double check if you are using the most recent ledger firmware and Cardano app on your device.

Yoroi should be updated automaticly.

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Okey will do. I reinstalled the extension tho so i need to restore my ledger wallet now. Hehe.

Now when i restored my ledger to yoroi again i can now see the correct new staking pool in my wallet :slight_smile:
So apperantly the staking process had gone through but gave me an error and did not show the pool before…
Syncing problems i guess. But good to know!

Ah glad you were able to resolve the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the resolution aswell :stuck_out_tongue:


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