Life After Google (and YouTube)

Good afternoon knights and dames of Cardano. There is a book I read (thank you public library) many months ago titled “Life After Google.” The book is about the blockchain and as the author sees (in his opinion) the coming end of Google through the internet eventually transitioning to the blockchain.

I was reminded of this small tome of wisdom and prediction when I discovered today that Google via YouTube banned me on YouTube. The exact quote when I attempted sign in was this: " Your account has been permanently disabled. [Learn more]"

No rhyme or reason was given. Supposedly, YouTube is supposed to send you an email giving you the reason why. I have received no email as of yet.

By process of elimination it can’t be predatory behavior towards children. So, I can eliminate that. It can be spamming violations. But herein lies the riddle (for me anyways) or puzzle. I never intentionally spammed, yet for some odd reason at times when I would hit the post buttons, multiple posts would e created number 2, 3, 10, maybe even 20. Equally strange is at times the “delete” feature would not work and I could not delete the copied posts. In other words I personally initiated by no will and knowledge “spamming” and furthermore would be often unable to correct the situation by deleting the multiple posts. I never knew if it was a YouTube computer glitch or I was hit by a virus or what.

I know nothing about cars and I know even less about computers. So, at times I can get frightened by weird (to me) things that happen online like YouTube posts I never made popping up under my name of a gazillion spam posts when I hit “post” literally once. Freaks me out because I feel intellectually lost at what has happened.

I tried giving a “like” to Philpa’s " Mining fees are passed onto end users in crypto" video but it didn’t work because I have to be signed in and my account is permanently disabled LOL! (I have to laugh about it.)

I guess I won’t be able to comment and like on good podcasts like The Cardano Effect anymore. Unless there is some way to resolve this issue. But I still–in spirit–support and “like” Phil, Rick, Sebastian and all those involved in The Cardano Effect.

It’s interesting to me how people literally have podcasts on YouTube promoting and advancing racial divisions in the USA among Americans… yet I get “banned” LOL. You can’t make this stuff up. But I also post comments opposing and challenging certain geopolitical narratives. I suppose (don’t know for sure) my last series of ones in which I argued many African countries need the assistance the Chinese can and DO bring in infrastructural development ruffled the feathers of at least one, maybe more, people. Maybe I should take Google’s or people’s fear of my words and posts as a positive sign. I’ve always thought of myself as a peon in this world now and centuries into the future to be forgotten to be of no importance. But it seems (by appearance anyways) that one or more persons online consider my thoughts and expressed views of very great importance to silence. Or maybe I’m just blowing stuff out proportion and thinking to deeply about this out of paranoia. As I said… I’m of no consequence in this world. Just a grain of sand on a huge planet.

Would be nice if YouTube did not just “ban” me out of the blue though. Or at least send me notification telling me why. Maybe one day the blockchain will resolve these kinds of dilemmas–life after Google.

That book:

** Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy by George Gilder**


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Oh… for got to mentioned. I posted on YouTube under the handle BrewCity44. I probably should have used that username here but for whatever reason I did not think of doing that when I signed up.

Whatever :slight_smile: I am fine with google as is, good company with useful products , if all alt coins together have just 10% of google’s real life usage - it will be miracle.

For conspiracy theory activists Richard Stallman’s page is good start, or example of brilliancy wasted into bull****.

I sympathise, haven’t had such probs myself (yet) but have heard of many who have, mostly on Twitter but also all the other big sites.

It doesn’t solve the problem but it’s very easy to get new accounts on Google and Youtube and elsewhere. You just need a new email address, and it’s very easy to get them. Just google (!) free email addresses. If anonymity is important then protonmail is great, if not so much then there are many alternatives.

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No, I like a lot of features of Google, like Google Maps, Google Assistance etc. Hell… YouTube itself is phenomenal. I mean… you have people doing some really great and informative things on YouTube. Because of YouTube or I should say… a content creator on YouTube that does short history lessons using animation I learned about a black African Samurai that came to Japan as a black slave of the Jesuits. There are many great YouTube content makers small and large. Smaller ones like Phil and Rick of The Cardano Effect. Larger ones like Joe Rogan’s podcast.

I don’t know who Richard Stallman is. I don’t subscribe to all “conspiracies.” I don’t subscribe to the conspiracy the Jesuits sank the Titanic, run all of Earth, and control what each Black-American thinks… as one or more Black-Americans online tried to persuade me in a hostile disagreement we had over that.

I do accept accept conspiracies exists as so does the US Federal Government as the US Federal Government has and will charge people with felony crimes of conspiracy. And I believe in “conspiracy” per the simple dictionary definition of the term. Thus… born and raised in Milwaukee I think it is perfectly logical in sentential logic to say that the FBI with undercover FBI agent Joe Pistone known as “Donnie Brasco,” helped bring Federal charges against the former Milwaukee mafia boss and get a conviction against him for conspiring to skim money from one or more Las Vegas casinos. According to retired FBI agent Joe Pistone’s book (which I read part of–just his chapters on Milwaukee and the Milwaukee mafia boss) the Milwaukee mafia boss ran the organized criminal world of Fort Lauderdale, Florida too. There is a totally different source that indicates he also skimmed money from a California casino. But he had criminal interest–according to the book by Joe Pistone–across the country. But he was only brought down on a limited charge involving Las Vegas. I only say this to give an example of adult men–motivated for power or money or both–joining together to conspire. But in the case of the FBI they conspired against a foe known as the American La Cosa Nostra.

Can some Democrats in power conspire against Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard who I support (Gabbard) and give small dollar donations too? Yes, and I think there is evidence for that.

I’ve posted frequently under Dr. Boyce Watkins’s video on YouTube. According to him American universities will no longer hire him. And to be honest I understand why. While I am NOT against being unconventional in teaching style, in lessons, or even in views held… Boyce Watkins promotes a traditional American culture of racial antagonisms. Racial division. And in an era of Identity Politics plays out well. His audience and serious followers don’t seem to be all that well formally educated. Neither am I. I have some college education but relative to the mean average on the Cardano forum I suspect mine is way low.

So, Boyce Watkins can persuade some Black-Americans with talk of “black-onomics” and DO NOT do “economics.” Black this, black that. But when I went to UW-Milwaukee we had to learn math formulas in our economic courses or finance course. No race, religion, nationality, sex, or gender identity were attached to it. There is no “Muslim math,” or “female math,” or “black math.” There is just math.

It was under a video of his about the Chinese in Africa that I think was probably my latest and most recent post(s) to anger one or more persons. But who knows…

I publicly admit online I voted for Trump, side with the Russians (on a number of issues like Syria for one), and I think highly of Putin as a leader. I judge Putin as leader of Russia and NOT as leader of Nigeria, or leader of Canada, or leader of England. Russia has done far better under his captaincy than under that of Yelstin’s. This of course gets me in trouble with a good number of people online. LOL.

(I’m not anti-Boyce either… I think he’s has some good points and bad points.)

Thanks for the info, Rob! :slight_smile:

I am glad to here there is a way around this. I would still like to know what my violation was though. Similar to if a cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket.

Cop: “Here is a ticket for violating the laws.”

Me: “Okay, what law or laws did I violate?”

Cop: [says nothing, has nothing written on the ticket but the amount of the fine, and walks away after handing the ticket.]

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No doubt Google has done some great things but at this point they are too powerful. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I’m going to enjoy seeing the Tulsi Gabbard lawsuit work it’s way through the courts.


I like the spin of Donny’s baseball, about the only thing I like about this thread lol.

I don’t know if I agree with that old saying absolute power corrupts absolutely. But Google operates in banning with no rhyme or reason. Except for as I said… what would be appearances. Like the apparent rising of the sun in the East. But whether the appearances are reality is another matter.

So, I won’t give her YouTube name, she has a following, and broke friendship with Boyce Watkins but so did Yvette Carnell. But this other woman is biracial like myself. And I like some things about her personality so I don’t want to give her name and have people flooding her with attacks or reporting her. I assume she has been reportedly already. My assumption. But she advocates on YouTube (her own YouTube show) for an armed revolution in the USA with black people having shootouts with presumably the police and white people. She has a following–again like Boyce of mostly uneducated blacks. They all like myths about black people having populated the Americas and being the real “Indians” and of course black people created everything and ruled everything until white people came and tricked them that they were not gods–or as Boyce Watkins claims, “super-human” beings.

Of the 3 the most reasoned–and in my opinion sincere–would be Yvette Carnell. I do think she has a sincere desire to help ethnic Black-Americans.

But while I think this other woman and her followers are mostly “talk” when it comes to having an armed revolution against white Americans, and being willing to die as she says, all it takes is 1 nutjob to take that stuff to heart, get inspired, and then lay prone behind some bushes sniping white people from afar. And it has happened in the USA already with 2 black males sent to prison.

But apparently Google is okay with that kind of thing, even with people that have followers, but Google has a problem with me telling these people ethnic Black-Americans don’t manufacture guns, bullets, don’t farm most their food, Black-Americans don’t build Earth moving machinery and while some owns some banks none own banks as large as that of China and Europeans or white Americans like Bank of America. So, be it going to violent armed war with white America or Black-Americans going into Africa and turning all of it into a Dubai and London, it’s not going to happen. The case of Foxconn in Wisconsin is a perfect example and this was a deal orchestrated between accomplished white Americans and Asians. The company has problems finding workers as engineers in Wisconsin and considered (from an old news report) bringing engineers from China to work at the Wisconsin plant. And this is advanced USA. Not large Africa (which could fit both the USA and China geographically into its continent) which has even a greater portion of its population lacking adequate education and skills. No one can carry out massive engineering projects as quickly and inexpensively (both together) as the Chinese. So, for Africa to move forward in the 21st century many of its countries need a symbiotic relationship with China in terms of infrastructural development and transfer of knowledge. And as for going to war shooting down American police or sniping white people through the kneecaps or center mass chest… I advice against it (even from a standpoint of non-conventional warfare) as I told some of that woman’s followers… the US Government has well funded organizations like the FBI who have lots of resources to draw from, and as far as I am concerned the FBI has time on their side.

So, by appearances Google or whoever are behind them desire to facilitate division and conflict between Americans. And then what? Blame the Russians or claim I’m wrong for telling these people St Patrick did not carry out genocide in Ireland by killing off all the indigenous blacks in Ireland as they claim? Americans say this stuff it is not the Russians telling Americans these lies.

Oksy, RobJF, I have a new free email. And I tried creating a new YouTube account via hitting the “sign in” and hopefully being direct to a create an account tab. But that’s not working as once I hit “sign in” I get this: Your account has been permanently disabled. [Learn more]

And clicking on “Learn more” I get this: Channel terminations

If your channel is terminated, you may be prohibited from accessing, possessing, or creating any other YouTube channels. When a channel is terminated, the channel owner receives an email explaining the reason for the termination.

So, looking back at your post I’m thinking you might have also meant I have to get a new Google account. I will try and I have any technical problems I will let you know ask for a suggestion or 2 from you. I wish I understood computers beyond a superficial level. More frightening and and a learning experience was signing up and buying, exchanging, and moving cryptocurrency around. You want to talk about intimidating. I didn’t know what the h*ll I was doing at first. If I do at all yet still remains a question mark. I jest (no I don’t)… I understand the exchanging and transferring of crypto at a basic level. Enough that I have 1 foot into the game. But this is also a lesson in what value basic literacy can bring to an individual. It is only because I can actually read in the English language that I was able to figure out and navigate myself through the whole crypto learning sphere. That and watching YouTube videos with people taking the time to explain things like Philpa.

Anyways… I’m going to take a lesson from the Catholic Church sex scandal. Once the Bishops and even the priests molesting kids thought they were untouchable due to momentum in society and law being on their side. Once momentum in society and the legal (cops, prosecution) system shifted a price was to be paid. I will be like the Marine sniper and wait in the brush, with ants crawling over me, until the time comes for a good strike on my enemy. I want to participate in a lawsuit against mega rich Google. I want to target individual guilty employees if ever possible too. Including if it turns out to be members of the NSA and CIA. If we prosecute regular Joe police officers in court for violating American’s civil rights then why should NSA and CIA agents be free from prosecution for targeting Americans with harassment (or even murder)? If only Google or agency can be sued then individuals feel safe and free to hide behind those organizations to do what American police fear to do less they be arrested, sent to prison, and sued personally.

Thus is the gospel according to Panthers. BrewCity44 is earning his stripes in this internet world. Catholics speak of taking their sufferings and uniting them in the wounds of Christ. Well… because I admire the Aloha sisters, Tulsi Gabbard and her sister, I’m kind of (sort of) united to her sister who was kicked off Twitter. And the Aloha sisters are pretty good company. (Not to mention Tulsi has a pretty nice shaped bottom.)

Panthers out.

OK, Sign In generally means use your existing account, so that’s no good.

On Youtube however (after signing out if necessary) you need to click Sign In to get the opportunity to create a new account using a different email.

It will suggest using the existing account but because you’re allowed to have more than one account you need to click on the small down arrow to the right of your email then on Use another account then Create account.

The thing is, due to your current situation, that might not be allowed, in which case you need to use a device or a browser that you haven’t used with YT before, or at least to clear out all cookies for that browser on that device. If you have browsers synced across devices that might complicate it further. Browsers are all very similar to use, it could well be worth installing one just for YT, I regularly use three different browsers (Chrome, Brave, Firefox) for different purposes.

I’m not actually an expert on this kind of thing, but if you don’t know anyone who is (and nobody chimes in here) then I’ll try to help, but let’s take it to PM because it’s not really on topic for this forum. (BTW, while I appreciate your entertaining writing style, mostly, you and I are not on the same political page, so let’s keep the conversation to the techy stuff.)

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Okay, sounds good, Rob, if I need further assistance I’ll just take it to PM with you. Interesting you just mentioned not having the same political views as me. I was just speaking with a cousin of mine at a gathering and I told him and his wife that I doubt we have the same sense of humor. When mentioning a recent political thing that occurred, I found it funny, they did not. So, the doubt became certainty. And I find typing that funny. (I suspect they would find some humor in what I just typed as well. If everyone was the same… well… we’d all like the intro music on the Cardano Effect.)

Hey… I have had a sibling who apparently knows more about computers than me, seemingly resolve this issue. It appears so. I have not created a new YouTube account yet to positively confirm that though.

I really appreciate your technical suggestions and info though. In fact your earlier suggestions were what motivated me that it’s possible to get back on YouTube. And I do believe I’m back–or will be I should say.

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Russia has done good? Their youth (as well as older parts of the population who are not brainwashed by the Putin-controlled media and government institutions) are captives in a state where they can’t have free elections to get rid of these soviet era monsters… old, vile, out of touch, unholy, unscrupulous men that treat a whole country like their own backyard. Mobsters – but worse, because they can wield a much heavier sword.
Look at what’s happening in Moscow now, sticking all those students in jail, they’re running out of space to keep’em. Yeah, Russia’s doing great, really great…
Good lord, it’s ‘alternative’ thinkers like you that will, at some point in the future, bring down the human race, the people within the citadel opening up the gates for evil to come flooding in – in the shape of ideas, policies, changes to the practices and laws. It’s the way of the world I suppose, we’re just too small and short-lived an organism to remember things correctly. As soon as you have some time pass between a certain event and present time, that particular event gets blurry, its sharp edges no longer seen as so menacing. So then the ‘Panthers’ people start coming out of the woodwork. I’m sure this comment is lost on you anyway, as from the incohesive nature of your response I can guess you’re having a hard time discerning things, but I just had to say something about Putin, that was just too idiotic a statement – too evil!, masking a devil like that in velvet like you were doing – to not address it. I find it unfortunate to share a forum with you.

I edited my response so it’s not automatically deleted xD. Also, in other news -->

In US people get “free” elections with rigged outcome ( Gerrymandering)

I happen to know a bit of the state Russia was in during the Yelstin presidency years (Boris Yelstin a hardcore alcoholic who once left the White House doors in his underwear and attempted to catch a cab in town before guards stopped him). Apparently you don’t or if you do the only option is that you admire the serpent character in the Bible, or that is Satan, also known as “the liar” and “the accuser.”

The Russian State was under near collapse during the Yelstin years and so much so some American officials believed Russian civilization itself was potentially going to come to extinction.

What about Moscow? During the Yelstin years not only was it run by mobsters it was dangerous for tourists to even walk the streets. Today… you have young Black-American women posting videos on YouTube speaking well of Moscow and one of whom said she felt perfectly safe jogging the side streets at night in Moscow. How well do you think she would feel jogging the side streets of Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago or hell… any 20 other cities in the USA.

I’m one of the Americans shot by a police officer. Three bullets to the upper body. The UK reports in 1 month alone American police shot more Americans to death than the UK police had shot to death in a sum of roughly 100 years. When you get shot in the USA they rush you to a Trauma 1 medical center (in Wisconsin there are 2), so, although I’m a US military veteran the local VA hospital is not Trauma 1 center, meaning I had to incur debt. Close to a half million dollars in medical bills. But due to the fact I can’t pay it that ultimately falls on the tax payer. And out of 365 days in a year statistically between 400 to 800 people are shot in the City of Milwaukee every year. Only a fraction of those shot will result in death and turn into homicides. I lost whole and parts of several organs from the three .40 caliber hollow point rounds that penetrated and traveled through my body. Had I been shot the same way in 1960 USA I would likely have died. Trauma care has advanced so well in the USA from paramedics to the surgery table that tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Americans are surviving what they once would not have survived during the Vietnam War era. If our trauma care was the same as it was back then our national homicide rate would at minimum be roughly equal to that of Brazil if not exceeding it.

So, I bring this up because people in Moscow have universal health care (no half million dollar medical debt) AND universal dental care. Moscow is safer than New York City in terms of homicide rates (police shooting and killing others is counted as a homicide too) and New York City is safer than Milwaukee in terms of homicide rates. Actually, the City of Sao Paulo and the City of Rio were both for several years recently, posting lower homicide rates than either Milwaukee or the even much worse Detroit. And if we factor in what attorney Antonio Moore on YouTube has stated about the incarceration rate of Black-Americans in the USA, that the USA incarcerates more Black-American males than the number of people communist Stalin Russia incarcerated, exactly what is it you think I’m supposed to be awed by in Russian police arresting people? Nearly every Black-American male I know from Generation X on down has at minimum a misdemeanor on their record and most of those I know have felonies. I was unarmed when I got shot for 2 misdemeanor charges. That is 3 bullets for 2 misdemeanors. And police lying on their officially submitted police reports. But unlike many black males I accept my culpability and responsibility in my shooting. Probably why I don’t go blaming Putin for my problems in America like too many of you white people or whatever you are.

Protests are going on in France and they have gone on all over the USA. I was shot in the same neighborhood that the Milwaukee mini riots erupted in over a police shooting. But I was shot years earlier… as were a number of other black males in that neighborhood by cops. But truth be told it’s mostly other black hoodlum males shooting other black males in that neighborhood. Rapes, armed robberies, auto thefts, high speed car chases (fleeing from police) that result in major auto wrecks are not uncommon in that neighborhood… a once traditionally middle-class black neighborhood (still is with Baby Boomer black home owners–Gen X on down own virtually NOTHING).

Putin is an outstanding President. Particularly where “results oriented” leadership matters rather than paternalistic scolding and/or waxing on how the world SHOULD be beautiful and everyone skips in fields of daisies holding hands, like Obama the thespian from Hawaii with an African Muslim father but somehow happens to speak more like a black Baptist preacher than I do even though I was reared around Protestant Black-Americans and he was NOT. My black side actually came out of Jim Crow Mississippi as poor sharecroppers, his did not. But like Bush Jr. he played his stage role well. Got his black acting lessons in Chicago. I voted for Obama by the way. If I could vote for Putin I would vote for him over Obama or Trump. If the City of L.A. had Putin as mayor then maybe L.A. wouldn’t have its massive Skid Row problem and a booming rat population on the verge of bringing the plague of the Middle Ages to 21st century L.A.

If Putin of was mayor of Detroit then maybe Detroit would not look like a “Third World” country. Moscow looks beautiful. And it’s safe.

If American’s took as much concern in “fixing” their neo-colony of Liberia as they do “fixing” Russia then maybe Liberia would be in a much better state.

Putin is a great leader for Russia. Maybe he is not a great leader for the USA. But then I don’t see you sticking your nose into Liberia or Nigeria. I’m pretty sure both are doing worse than Russia. Being half Black-American and half German-American worrying myself over how the Russians lead themselves in their own country is not big concern of mine. Like Catholicism teaches economics and politics ought start first locally focused, the neighborhood before the city, the city before the state, the state before the country, and the country before oh… sticking your beak into a country half way across the Earth. I focus on Milwaukee before I focus on the USA. And I focus on L.A. with its Skid Row and rat problem and violent prisons before I focus on “fixing Russia.”

Below is an American. Americans were like this in the 1980s, 1990s, in year 2014 and they are like this today. Russia and “Putin” your boogeyman has nothing, zero, zilch… to do with America’s long entrenched racial divides. I experienced those racial antagonism as a small child, teen, US Marine, later a construction worker, and today with American whites and blacks on Tommy Sotomayor YouTube shows blaming biracial mulattoes for all American racial woes by the mulattoes merely wearing braids (apparently, only black people are supposed to wear braids).

Example of American racial tensions:

Dear black people (Boyce Watkins an American)

Hayden M. 4 days ago

My kids will never see inside of a white school. White women are not allowed in my house much less teaching my children. Are you crazy?! Make that make sense please. The enemy will never teach their competitors to defeat them. We are the only ones who can’t understand that.

I went to UW-Milwaukee. The CIA recruited there–openly–and I was not impressed with the 2 young Ivy League type white male and white female that showed up recruiting. They were young and similar to Jared Kushner. They were NOT like undercover FBI agent Joe Pistone who “married” the Bonnano Crime Family to the Milwaukee Crime Family as “Donnie Brasco.”

Milwaukee Panthers

" The Milwaukee Panthers are the athletic teams of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. A total of 13 Panthers athletic teams compete in NCAA Division I"

I don’t follow the Panthers I just picked that name due to having gone to UW-Miilwaukee.

I’ve been to Tijuana, Mexico in the early 1990s. Had the greatest time of my life. But Tijuana was and is rough. Lots of poverty and begging kids to behold. Yet… I go on YouTube and see video images of Skid Row in downtown L.A. and it is a great concentration of human misery than what I saw in Tijuana. Way worse than what I saw in Tijuana.

I bring this up because reliance on 18th century literary tales of Skid Row L.A. streets paved in gold, of Detroit streets paved in gold, and if Tyrant run Moscow in which fire breathing dragons soar through the air are no longer needed as “state of the art evidence.” We know have internet technology with videos that provide visual evidence. Thus I can see Skid Row is worse than what I saw in Tijuana, Mexico when I spent a day and night in Tijuana.

So, feel free to post visual video evidence of Skid Row Moscow. Of a Moscow with burnt out homes stretching blocks like Detroit. A Moscow “run by gangsters” with a homicide rate exceeding Detroit. You can show the Moscow police shooting people too. We have YouTube video footage of police shooting to death a homeless person on Skid Row.

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Not going to read what you wrote, but be well.

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You have no rational reply. It’s pretty much a fact Russia–including the City of Moscow–was under a far worse state during the Yelstin Presidency than it is now. Moscow and Russia back then would have been compared to a combination of modern day Detroit, Al Capone’s Chicago, and Boko Haram running free in Nigeria. The country was in near collapse. Objectively, if one believes in results oriented leadership Putin as the executive leader of his country did an impressive job steering his country from near oblivion. Thus, a rational man can conclude he is a good leader for Russia even if one deduces he is not a good leader for the USA, England, Mexico, Liberia, or Libya. But he was elected by Russians to lead Russia, not to lead the United States.

The question is does Putin’s Russia incarcerate more of its citizens than the USA incarcerates of its citizens?

By the way… China is communist and has over 1 billion people. About roughly 1.4 billion. The USA has roughly 300 million. So, China has 100 million more people plus 1 billion more people than the USA. Which country… given you are so extra animated over protests and arrests in Russia, has more of its people incarcerated, China or the USA?

Where you as extra animated over the cross dressing cannibals murdering and raping in Liberia during its civil war as you are over Russia under Putin? You seem to think Russia is the most dangerous and oppressive place on Earth. Well thank God freedom reigns in Saudi Arabia. I’m sure Russian women are just rushing there to escape oppression in Russia. Political parties are literally illegal in Saudi Arabia which is ruled by an absolute monarchy protected by the US Government. Were you aware Saudi Arabia arrested some teenage boy years ago for partaking in a pro-democracy protest. Charged with insulting the king he was thrown in prison and faced public beheading and then potentially having his corpse publicly crucified. In the 21st century apparently… Saudi Arabia has no problem using the ancient Roman execution device of crucifixion. Americans can tolerate this just as they can tolerate racial antagonisms on YouTube but some how–trained like they were circus animals or something–they get extra animated over Putin.

Newsflash… there is something called “delegating authority” every US Marine must learn. It’s used in the business world. I could not micro manage a squad the way the critics of Putin claims not only he micro manages Russia (geographically the largest country on Earth) but he micro manages all of the United States and nearly all of Earth. If Putin could do all that then that would make him not only the greatest leader on all Earth but super-human. Obama from D.C. couldn’t micro manage Chicago and stop all the murders going on in that city nor end its corruption. But you think Putin sits in Moscow and runs both D.C. but the minds of masses of Americans. I don’t even have a Facebook account and never have. I have free will and a mind capable of critical thinking.

US police shot more people dead last month than British officers did in 95 years

ABC News (Year 2016): Milwaukee Riots After Police Shooting of Armed Black Man

Don’t think the terrified young white man, gunned down by this cop, as the young man pleads for his life… was in Russia. I have fire arms training. That cop carried out cold blooded murder and did not have to go to prison. But you want me to get extra animated about Russia. The mainstream news video won’t show the gun fire and the sound it made as the cop murdered the guy. But I saw the whole footage in the past.

CBS News (Year 2017): Disturbing video shows unarmed man begging before fatal police shooting

Then we have the equivalent of Central Park in Moscow. You know… Moscow the most dangerous and oppressive city on Earth. Women flee from. The most impoverished in Africa beg they never step foot in. The one in which Putin lurks behind every corner and is under every bed.

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Moscow. “Real Russia” ep.47

Terror in Moscow. A black woman terrified, dressed in head scarf, followed around, beaten… and Putin is watching her with binoculars.

Black girl in Russia | Moscow Day 1 (Red Square, Moscow Metro, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Cafe Pushkin)

Then we have Detroit.



I’m going to be well even with the permanent nerve damage in one arm that a .40 caliber bullet turned the bone in my upper arm into shrapnel. Like a grenade exploding (I saw the x-rays) inside my arm. Blew my artery out. Surgeons replaced it with a vein from my upper thigh. I spent close to a month in a hospital. One bullet hit my chest and another bullet hit my abdomen. Getting hit in the stomach with a .40 caliber bullet feels like having your arms tied to a pole over your head… and a 400 pound man with a baseball bat swings with all his might and body weight and hits you in the stomach with that bat. So, I have what I refer to as “the defining scar of Gen X Black-American males and younger”: the vertical scar going up my abdomen.

American taxpayers have the burden of all that inner-city gun violence, and many cop shootings, placed on them. Due to the fact most poor and middle-class folks can’t pay $250 thousand and $400 thousand in the medical bills that result. There is a financial cost to the gun violence in the USA whether it comes from thugs, mass shooters, or from police officers own firearms. Most Russians don’t have to worry about that and yet they still have universal health and dental care. But Russia is the worst nightmare on Earth to live in if you listen to some Russo-phobic people.

Basically… I can get arrested in the USA and shot or beaten in the USA so hearing about people getting arrested in some foreign country usually does not get me extra animated. I have libertarian sympathies towards certain things, so, if it were up to me certain things criminalized in Dubai, Thailand, and the USA would not be. But I don’t live in Russia, so, I don’t have to worry about turning it into a paradise.