Limitation of maximum wallets in Daedalus

I have 20 wallets. i tried to restore 20 wallets in Daedalus. I successfully restored the first 10 wallets but I failed to restore the 11 th wallet. Is there a limitation of maximum 10 wallets that can be created or restored in Daedalus ? Thanks

Yes, currently there is. But they have changed it in the code, so in later versions you will be able to use more wallets.

Just for curiosity why do you need 20 wallets ?

Some people use many wallets to “mitigate hacking risk” some people just use for bunch of different activities, to not mess up transactions together :man_shrugging:

Thanks for clarification!

@Alex_Halim new version of the Daedalus 0.10.1 is just got available. The 10 wallets limit was removed - you can download it from or update right from the Daedalus itself

Limit is changed to 50 wallets. Details may be found here:

@vantuz-subhuman I have downloaded new version Daedalus 0.10.1 but it takes so long to sync. It has been 2 days sync but it get stuck at 98.XX %. I have tried to restart computer but problem still exist. It usually works doing restart in the last version. Thanks

Dear Alex,

Yesterday, my friend also had problems when he tried to upload a new version of Deadalus W. After he detected the time difference, I have found an article which solved the problem. I am sending the substance to you, since maybe you have the same problem. He also needen my help with the translation issue, therefore I have e-mailed him only substance, not the link. That is the reason, that I can not send you the link (but I will erase my translation).

I have managed to find it again through GOOGLE, in my last attempt:

I hope the article will help you or some other person to solve this problem.


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I had 30+ wallets including my main one with 520,000 ADA in it most of which I bought at $0.07 and the rest I bought for my kids and friends as presents.

I had a few issues connecting etc since then, but I’m a lead developer so put up with it thinking these initial bugs would be fixed over time and the value of ADA would increase when they were.

Each new Daedalus version seemed to improve the wallet until we hit the first version 0.10.1#?
( Cant they even get the version numbers right?)

Imagine my horror when I could only see the first 10 wallets and my main one was gone!
Trying to restore it with the 12 words but it said it was already loaded FFS

An email conversation with with Yusaku Kishimoto on 5 Jun 2018 at Cardano support suddenly stopped and and I was given a standard “we’re dealing with it response”

I was overjoyed when version 0.10.1# was released 2 days ago and after installing it (and reloading the entire blockchain again), saw lots of my missing wallets BUT ONLY 20 of them!!

I can’t even give you this bug report using Daedalus because the form resets itself after a few seconds.

Listening to the patronizing BS Charles comes out with on youtube every day about how all other coins are sh1t is sounding more and more like a used car salesman selling me a lemon.


I can code. just remove the restriction on max number of wallets FFS
Just click it, recompile and release.
Surely your “Peer review” process by your panel of experts spotted this!!

From what I have learned so far. There are 2 ways to update the new version Daedalus 0.10.1

  1. Manual Update (download directly from - I do not recommend because I have tried several times using this method, only to find out that after installation, some wallets are missing and sync get stuck at XX.YY%
    Note : If you want to use this method, you have to make sure you have successfully sync 100% in the previous version (not in the new version). After that you can do manual update the new version.

  2. Automatic Update - I recommend this steps. First, you must sync 100% in the previous Daedalus version 0.10.0. After sync reaching 100%, you are given option to update new version 0.10.1 & restart.

Sorry, I understand your concerns, I’m sure I’d feel exactly the same, and this point is far from being your main one, but: this sort of issue is not what peer review is about. You’re a developer, you should understand this: what is subject to peer review is the main set of algorithms directly concerned with cryptography and the blockchain. That’s all. Decisions such as number of wallets supported are something else entirely. I agree they got this wrong. But peer review has nothing to do with it.

Edit: you should edit out the amount of ADA to avoid attracting the wrong sort of attention.

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Peer review, user review, whatever.
Its a pretty basic thing to spot.
One of your developers must’ve just decided to drop the max number of wallets himself or it was decided in a meeting.
Either way, its a pretty basic thing to miss.
I did have 1,500,000 ADA but have sold most as my faith in the project has wavered.
It may be zero in that wallet if things get any worse.
Anyway, I’ll try the update you suggested and see if it fixes my problem.
The release I installed two days ago said it was increased to 20 from 10.
Presumable the one you suggest is an even newer version.
I’m a big believer in this project but it takes a day to sync up again with every new version as I usually hit the “Connecting to network” problem or it stops at 99.9% and I have to delete the DB-1.0 and re-sync.
I understand the team is looking at a much bigger picture but if faith in the wallet drops anymore, no one will back it.
Hopefully, you can sense the frustration in my thread.
I’m not alone and from a PR point of view, make wallet stability a top priority if I were you or no one will use ADA even if all road map targets are hit.

Just checked,
I’ve running version 0.10.1# already.
20 wallet max.
Read release notes here

It says and I quote
Daedalus had a limit of showing only 10 wallets. Users who created more than 10 wallets were unable to use all of them. This has been changed and Daedalus now supports up to 20 wallets. Also, a check has been introduced which prevents the creation of more than 20 wallets."

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Even you admit that updating wallet is fraught with problems
“I do not recommend because I have tried several times using this method, only to find out that after installation, some wallets are missing and sync get stuck at XX.YY%”

TBH, I’m amazed that my concern’s are washed over as not that important.
I’m a windows user running a pretty powerful PC.
I’m limited on the number of wallets I can hold on each machine and have 5 figure sums worth of FIAT in several coins.
Indirectly, I am seriously investing in Cardano and I can find a lot of people on the net plus many I know personally who have all complained about the security of the wallet.

I may be a little snappy in this thread, but you wait to see how calm I’m going to be if I wake up to find my ADA gone forever.
No other coin has given me this grief, yet it branded as the future of crypto.
Come on boys.
Hear what I’m saying will you and focus a bit more on people who have believed in the things you are promising.

Meanwhile, I’m off to buy a laptop so I can do a clean installation and restore my missing wallets on that.
If I had 100 wallets I’m holding for investors I’d recommended ADA to Id only need 5 of them now instead of the 10 I needed last week.

A month ago I could’ve held it all on one PC.

Even if there is a gap, it takes a full blockchain sync to restore it which takes hours.

These are basic functions which Daedalus needs to provide.
Can’t we delete a wallet them restore it from a file or the 12 words seamlessly?
At least safely storing less computer-literate peoples ADA would be a service I could provide.
As it is, keeping mine is a full time job

I don’t think anybody suggested that. In fact I tried to convey just the opposite.

As with my previous point, I know this is not your main concern, but I think it’s worth noting anyway: you’re not talking to the developers here, this is Community Technical Support, we’re just users like you.

I hope this all gets sorted out to your satisfaction eventually.

I’ve had a standard response for cardano support.
I assume they are swamped with requests.
I was hoping that some of this feedback hits the development team.
Squeeky wheels get oiled first