Multiple wallets used in parallel in Daedalus – any known problems?

Has anyone had any experience with setting up several wallets in Daedalus? If, for example, 6–7 wallets are set up in parallel in one installation, can Daedalus handle these number of wallets well or can problems occur?

I assume, in case of a recovery, each wallet must be restored one at a time.

But it is possible to back up the Secrets-1.0 and Wallet-1.0-acid folders. If you copy them to a new Daedalus installation, can you thus restore all the wallets from the old installation at the same time?

Three questions there. You’ve already been waiting a while so I’m going to reply “to the best of my current knowledge”, though I’m no expert.

  1. Way back, maybe a year or more ago, there were problems reported re multiple wallets, which were resolved by limiting them to max 20. I haven’t heard anything on this issue since then.

  2. Yes, using the relevant recovery seed phrases.

  3. Yes, I believe that proper backup and restoration procedures would recover all wallets at once.


Thank you very much for your detailed and helpful reply.

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I use multiple wallets. I have less than 10 and have had no problems.

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Thank you for your answer.

In the meantime, friends of mine have set up several wallets in a Daedalus installation and everything works fine.

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Hey mate - I personally use 5 wallets on Daedalus (for over a year) and everything has been working perfect.


Thank you for your answer. It is good to hear from several users that there are no problems.