Living in The Netherlands? Here is the best place for you to buy your ADA! “Not your keys, Not your ADA”

Here is the link to the article

…An ambassador promoting a specific trading platform…I’m sorry that is not ambassador worthy.

There are so many places where you can purchase your ADA - Litebit is but one.

The point here is for you not to hold your ADA on an exchange, but rather have them sent directly to your personal wallet.

Sorry you missed the point.

Hi, i m also dutch and bought my ada at I’m very satisfied about their service and price. I agree it s better to have your ada in your own wallet/pocket, for me it is Yoroi. Some ether i also have are stalled at bitvavo.
@dennyb2010, you are a ambassador, or @Andy_Hendrikx do you know if there is an Ada community in the Netherlands?

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Of course there is :slight_smile:

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Thnx, i mean are there meetings or other activities, or a online forum (except this official one)

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Please checkout our NL/BE telegram community.

There are a lot of active discussions ongoing. Please feel free to join us