Lost all my LP, Pavia and ADA tokens


I am new to the Nami wallet and SundaeSwap. I had swapped some ADA for Pavia and set up an LP and then also bought more Pavia. That was around 3 days ago. Yesterday i went to open my Nami wallet and i see that there are no funds, not even the collateral. I check the transactions and it says that it was sent to a wallet. i did not make this transaction. Can someone help and tell me if this is still in SundaeSwap or you guys think i got hacked?

I have seen that target address far too often today. :frowning:

Have you by any chance installed a Nami Android app and given it your seed phrase?

That app is a scam. Sorry!

no, i have not installed a Nami App on an Android.
I just use my desktop with the Nami Wallet extension and i added the Nami Wallet to Sundaeswap.
i tried restoring the wallet to no avail. I also checked on ccvault.io and the wallet show’s but it has no funds.
Any advise?

The transaction you have given shows that everything has been transferred to a known scammer address. There is nothing that can be done to reverse that transaction.

There are a few people who have lost their funds because of said fake Android app.

Perhaps, they also use other channels to get at you, but it looks like they have found a way. :frowning:

thanks for your quick reply and time.
i appreciate it!