Lost cardano coins during transfer to Binance

Hi folks,
I’m writing this post with the hope of someone helping me to undestand what happened with some of my ADA coin. I’ll try to keep it short and provide details where needed. Here is the jist of it

I transfered 1815 ADA from my Hardware wallet to Binance on 5th of June 2022 (yes 2 years ago)

Here is a screenshot
Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 19.06.55

The coin was sent at 11:22. After 2 minutes it arrived partially

As you can see the addresses match. However instead of 1815 I recieved 2 transactions with some delay and one for 10 ADA and the second for 815

Here is the TxID

Input is the hardware wallet address
Output is the Binance address

I don’t understand why there is input and output the same but the coin is not there

I believe this is the Binance wallet

You can see the 815 and 10 ADA transactions

Now I’m not savy enough with Cardano to understand what happened. Is there a way to find where this coin is and how it disappeared on the way. Binance are notoriously bad with support. You guys are my last hope

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P.S. This is a screenshot from the binance deposit history for that date

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Im not sure if i understood your question correctly but lets check the facts :

You did receive 1815 ADA at Jun 5, 2022 9:10:24 PM from an address here : Transaction ffc4276c3d0ea9f69b5d8efec55fd4c6fc49b5b3d3d240b7f146a3e49c25e01f - Cardanoscan

then you sent 10 ADA to (i assume) an exchange at Oct 11, 2022 10:22:52 AM. Transaction 987ea09eb5e27c9e8a53a6b34b82904a620292f49805f9b66aa77c61e95be24c - Cardanoscan

and just a little bit later at Oct 11, 2022 10:28:58 AM you sent 815 to the same address again. Transaction c019ab0de69490eff4ef84ff59ac6c7df89cdba11d7a0791f5d2db3a0b2ce7b9 - Cardanoscan

There are still about 1k ADA left on that wallet.

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Well from what I see in the hardware wallet there is no ADA left in that account. The last transation is from 10/11/2022 11:22 AM 987ea09eb5e27c9e8a53a6b34b82904a620292f49805f9b66aa77c61e95be24c to the binance address. About 2 minutes lated 10 ADA arrived at binance and about 6 minutes after that 815 more arrive.

Now what is strange to me is that the input is 1815 and the output is 10 and 815. Like the number is split up. On a related not like I said there is 0 ADA in that account. At least from what I see in the Ada lite app the hardware wallet app. Also nothing in binance

Try to connect your hardware wallet with typhonwallet.io

You can see that you still have 1k ADA on that address here : Stake Key stake1uxw5alwpwgcqdyxwukemn3q6dst43hfc0l4qvknsmy6mmpqalwaal - Cardanoscan

Indeed you are correct my dear friend. For what ever reason the wallet hasn’t synced up. But yes I can see the coin. I’ll mark this as resolved. Thank you for the quick response!

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Glad we were able to clear up the situation. :+1:t3: