Lost my ADA?

Hello friend,

can you help me out with the bithumb story? i had made deposit ADA to them but the 3rd time i never recieved it! txid is just online findeble! So strange!

Hi- I actually still haven’t figured mine out. It’s still sitting in Metamask.

Did you obtain a small amount of BNB in your MetaMask wallet for gas? Just as sending a token on the Ethereum network with MetaMask uses ETH for gas (quite alot actually), you will need a small amount of BNB in your MetaMask (BSC) wallet to send a transaction on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Can you tell us what’s preventing you from sending your bscADA (pegged-ADA) back to Binance? Are you receiving an error that you can share?

Hi everyone I just sent some AdA to my metamask on BSC… awaitinf for customer support but any advice would be appreciated :sob:

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Which bsc did you use to add tokens for ada I see my transactions on bsccan

Hello there, I’m a BSC user and I see a few people have been struggling, so I decided to write a little guide. Hopefully this well help figure this out.

When you use binance and you withdraw your ADA, you can choose on which blockchain you want to transfer it.
You have 3 options :

  • Cardano (the real one, that you should use with deadalus/yoroi)
  • BEP2 (that’s the blockchain that they use on the exchange itself and the least useful)
  • BEP20 (That’s the Binance smart chain network and where you ADA is. Check the transaction to make sure)

If you’ve sent to BEP2 or BEP20, the easiest for you to get it back to Binance would be to use the binance chain wallet (You can do it with Metamask too but the UX isn’t that great)

When you withdraw to BEP2 or BEP20, your ADA becomes a wrapped version of ADA. This has some advantages, for example you can use BSC DeFi platform such as venus or pancakeswap to stake your ada/borrow against it, or trade it on one of the varius Dex (1inch). That means that you can sell it or buy it potentially for cheaper, depending on the market conditions. Once the Cardano dapps start rolling, similar services will start showing up on the Cardano chain.

If you want to send your ADA to the Cardano chain, you have to send it back to your Binance account, then you can withdraw it to a Cardano address that belongs to you.

Binance Chain Wallet instructions

Note that you do not need to use Binance Chain Wallet, and you can also get your ADAbep20 address manually from the ADA deposit page on binance, and transfer to that directly!

Personally I use both Binance Chain Wallet and Metamask. Binance Chain Wallet is perfect to transfer funds from your bsc compatible wallet and your funds on the exchange.

Go on the Chrome extension store and download the Binance chain wallet.
Import your bsc wallet with either your private key or your seed phrase (Do not share that key/phrase with anyone)

Go to your binance dashboard and click on wallet direct. This will link your Binance account to your Binance chain wallet.

You should now be able to see your wrapped ADA in the Binance Chain wallet.

You can now click on Send, select your asset, and in address, you will see your Binance account wallet address.

Network fees

On the BSC chain, you need BNB to pay for the transfer fees. So you might have to transfer some BNB first to that wallet. The fees are really cheap (around 5cent on average), so transfer some BNB first in order to cover for the fees (use BEP20).

Once you’ve the wrapped ADA back to Binance, it will show under ADA, and you can now withdraw to your Deadalus wallet :sunglasses:

It’s confusing at first, so good luck !


Hey I got the contact adress from my transaction on om BSC. I added it as a token on meta mask and ive staked it on acrpytos. No issues it seems I can send ada on BSC not only AdA network which isnt working on binance

I’ve lost my ada with the following, im very confused. i sent my ada to metamask and cant seem to find it.


Can u provide more details, from where did u sent ADA to metamask wallet?


Hi mate,

I am busing binance. I was trying to purchase some nft’s on nifty gateway. i transferred to ada to eth which is fine. i then transferred eth to my ng wallet which i couldnt see. i then realised i had to transfer eth from binance to metamask to then move it to ng. sigh.

being impatient i tried to send ada to metamask, then i realised i couldnt see my ada. from here i ran into issues. its over $1000 worth that’s just disapeared.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ok… u send ADA from binance to metadask right? How is the transaction on binance… it has confirmations?

And u used cardano network for withdraw right?


i sent ada from binance to metamask, i have checked via etherscan that it has been confirmed.

I used bep20 to withdraw

Why u used bep20? Metadask support bep20?


im not sure to be honest, kind of new to this. i just want my ada bck

Check this


ah not working! :frowning:

Than contact binance and metamsk support team… they will help u to fix the issue

Thanks, binance and metamask taking forever. do you have an email? Thanks

But metadask supports Cardano?
Try to contact binance via chat channel

If so, your txid confirmation from Binance should take you to BSCscan not Etherscan. A screenshot of this txid would be helpful.

If I had to guess, you will need to setup your MetaMask for use with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Search it, there are even video tutorials. Then, send a small amount of BNB via the BSC network from Binance to your MetaMask (for gas). This will allow you to send your ADA back to Binance (using the BSC network).