Lost my cardano in pool pm?

Hello, I wanted to try delegating my cardano tokens to pm pool using nami walet.
I did it with this specific pool.

From time to time I looked to see if my cardano was still there and since I didn’t see a problem I stopped looking at it for a while, the thing is that my cardano no longer appears in the pool and I don’t know how to remove it, did I lose it?

I think I did something wrong because the cardano left my wallet, when it is assumed that when you delegate the tokens they never leave your wallet.

the ttransaction is here


If you look at the history of your transactions:

06/23/2023 4:18:31 AM https://cardanoscan.io/transaction/4a230ac8b78e7c0f85e1a68d912c0a91ae5593ccfe22dd5708ebeeea65818a3a Delegation to BERRY.

06/23/2023 4:32:58 AM https://cardanoscan.io/transaction/851cb1e831b1274e1e71657d266fd3480195f5f21f0adbc8db8d78524d5b6f0d Just 15 minutes later you deregistered and undelegated again. So, those two transactions were pretty much only a waste of transaction fees.

06/23/2023 5:32:23 AM https://cardanoscan.io/transaction/c1421ab95da246fcabc8d22d892a4d7145a2a5c9f2cc568126501715feba31af An hour later you received 522 ADA.

06/23/2023 5:43:08 AM https://cardanoscan.io/transaction/1b601def12b51a866d8131318dd9bfbf42e7e590a9e4fb449e96363585479ee4 … and just ten minutes later that transaction that moved away your 944 ADA happened.

All of that was four months ago. Your ADA are gone since then and have to have been missing from Nami since then.

That has nothing to do with a delegation (and as you say, delegating does not move ADA away from your wallet).

And it has nothing to do with the pool you linked to. You only delegated to that pool in this transaction an hour ago:

11/01/2023 10:06:42 PM https://cardanoscan.io/transaction/77ca6e2a8850759257ce54127286dad1b0c02d115fbc1f9d09e342a777f67556

If you intended to delegate to that pool four months ago, you definitely did something totally wrong.

Well, maybe you can scratch that: The account that that transaction moved the 944 ADA to is this one:


And that one was delegated to FAIR three minutes later.

So, what probably happened: You moved all your ADA to a second account on Nami, delegated that one to FAIR, and it all still lies there untouched.

Just switch to that second account in Nami. If it isn’t there, just add it again with the “+ New Account” in Nami’s menu.

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