Marketing Cardano: Hiring Professionals & UPDATING CARDANO WEBSITE!


Hello all, I am a retired computer Engineer/Project Manager/Program Manager from Hewlett-Packard and Apple for the last 38 years, as well as own a Digital Media Production Company.

As a newly energized investor I am very excited to understand that Cardano is not bitcoin ver. 3, and will be quantum computer proof amoung the myriad of other potentialities that sold me on buying into Cardano, actually the first time I ever invested in crypto.

I had to do a lot of research and talk with a lot of people before making that decision and can say it was not the Cardano website that really did much to convince me, and in fact the opposite.

If I gathered nothing else from my many years in the concept to launch of a product or service, Occum’s Razor aside, there needs to be a voice out there touting a furious argument why people should be buying into Cardano over all the others.

First looking at the website, there are still references to “having 25 ATMs in Japan within the 1st year of launch!?” There are forgotten references out there that would make a person doubt the integity of Cardano before you even dig into it.

When I send someone out to the website for more information on why I think this is a great investment, people should not be giving me feedback that it looks like their website has been static for years and it all looks too slow a pace, will be 5 years before they finish this product.

One person told me the only source of chatter out there FOR ADA was all from people whom already invested.

I am old I know, but think back to the video battle between VHS bigger tape less resolution vs Betamax smaller tape far superior picture sound and VHS won because of Marketing.

WE need a team who will not only intelligently but simply enlighten the masses as to all the benefits of Cardano that for me are all in the fine print right now. Hammer all media outlets and even some paid advertising, but also have CLEAR AND EASY WAY to directly purchase ADA on all the exchanges.

Anyone else feel this is asking too much, or I am just not right in my dissemination of available information? Let’s kick this into at least 3rd gear here!!


#2 previously suffered from serious organisational problems at Cardano Foundation. Since these were resolved we were told that it was being completely rewritten. I don’t know why it’s taking so long but I do know that the visual design people have a very wide range of responsibilies.

Regarding marketing generally, it has been a very deliberate policy not to hype a product that does not yet exist. This is in reaction to the massive amounts of hype in the crypto space, to differentiate Cardano from those projects. However, marketing efforts are now ramping up, see the recent video update from Emurgo’s CMO:


Welcome to the forums and thank you for giving your experienced opinion!

I agree the site and forum needs a total rehaul! Although The only thing I care about in the site is the road-map and whitepapers of course, and that will be addressed on April 17-18 at the summit, so the website might as well! <3

Binance taking credit cards might help the onboarding as well, but still requires trading of another asset like Bitcoin, Still better then Coinbase.

That someone pushing the argument is Charles and the team, I guess your right its a matter of who gets in the door first with the best protocol similar to the VHS and Betamax situation, but in crypto, you don’t have much choice with what is a trillion dollar idea compared to the billion and million-dollar ideas. Unless you trust anything out of the top 30 which is kinda not a great idea anyway due to lack of liquidity and security issues that might exist.

I’ll spread the info as much as I can to my peers and Realtors I work with to consider it as a means of something to replace our system called Dotloop (the program used to sign and share contracts to a client) and even an MLS subsystem that relies on blockchain to mediate the ownership of listings or whatever.

Emurgo definitely covers alot of those areas of spreading enlightenment as a separate company very well and will probably satisfie all of those things you have pointed out. Although compared, the direction that Tron is taking with giving stuff away and partnering with products that don’t necessarily have anything to do with blockchain but just has a big name and add Tron as an augmented feature instead of a pure idea completely built on top of the protocol. Id rather Cardano pretend that wasn’t a thing and just rely on the brains of smart people to want to be involved instead of being obligated or not deserving and just really lucky at the time.

quality over quantity perhaps.

Hope you continue to post!

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Yeah this marketing (or lack thereof) thing is a regular topic around here.

A few of us feel it’s time to reach out to the general public, while many others feel it would be a waste of resources. Apparently the Cardano Foundation is in with the latter group. This in turn has put a few personal projects within the community on hiatus, my project included.

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You still with your idea to stamp every FIAT bill with ADA logo ?


No I’m devoting as much energy into alleviating human suffering to the best of my ability.

There’s a tsunami coming and Cardano, as great as it is, is a sandcastle. None of this will matter when there’s no food in the grocery stores.


You have a serious problem. Cardano is the opposite of a sand castle.

Your tsunami stuff goes along with your theory of the imminent end of the world/humanity we can see on your YT Channel.
Not even talking about your marketing strategy of stamping FIAT bill with ADA logo. All is total non sense.
Personally I am done with you. Your vision/predication are seriously scaring some of the community. Me, at least…


I find it interesting that you, proclaiming to be Buddhist, tell me there’s something wrong with me when I say that I’m devoting all of my energy into lessening the suffering of humanity.


Let’s imagine the world order has collapsed.

What do you think has better chances of survival: a government-backed fiat or a decentralized currency that requires 5.5kW to maintain the entire network?

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I agree with pretty much everything you have noticed on the state of things.


You dont do what you say you do. You try to scare people. Like the end of the world/humanity. + You are trolling ADA by saying it is a sandcastle. This is the last time I reply you and dont ever speak in my name or my religion in a public forum.


Hardfork :slight_smile:


I completely agree. And the effects of humanity’s actions will eventually cause the extinction of all sentient life on earth.

So everything that helps is good, and we’re all fucked.

I love Cardano, and we’re going extinct. This is not fear mongering, it’s science.


Be well. :v::pray: