Material handling as a side chain

Guy’s I am not big on the tech side of thing’s, trying to work through what the best route for a useful application on Cardano would look like as a side chain - bear with me here.
What I would like to work on is the global database of Material Test Record’s (MTR’s) and I will give you a little bit of my what I do now to that has brought my interest to it.
I work as a Material Handler in the gas and oil industry, I currently have to maintain a record of metalurgic MTR’S from forges around the globe for the material that is used in the process of developing gas and oil in a project I am working on in my industry, before i knew what the MTR’s were for I was witness to other’s downplaying the importance of them -essentially downplaying the safety of other people that would be working in this field and what I witnessed was possible forging of MTR’s so they could continue to finish their job, now that I understand what kind of work it is to maintain a chain of custody concerning the material being used and how important it is to have the correct MTR’s to verify a safe workplace for other’s I would like to find a way to implement blockchain technology into MTR tracking for the gas and oil industry.
I would like to see any forge adopting the program to be held to a high standard, they would need to be able to submit tonnage of steel used to forge the amount of fittings or other products and verify that the product produced during the melt and forge process would match the tonnage of fitting’s they produced, and on the end user’s side I would like to see them be responsible for installing only what a forge claims to have been produced, if the end user cannot verify that they received from the forge material they claim to be using then the end user would by law in my industry be subject to submitting the material for testing, this all gets quite complicated cause it is not really decentralized - a record of where every fitting was made or used would need to be maintained on the blockchain, cause if a fitting comes into question everyone with the same MTR being used comes into question - which results in a high standard of material tracking.
I hope to add more to this later, if I can get some feedback on the route to take.
Developing ADA really can save live’s if it’s technology can just be utilized in real world applications, when safety is involved in changes in my industry every possible precaution is justified and I think this could save a life.


A sidechain like this might need to access a chain like filecoin and somehow make compensation for file storage, not sure what the blockchain networking side looks like, I just want to find a way to eliminate fraud concerning MTR’s and material.

Very interesting!