Material Tracking on Cardano Blockchain


Hey guy’s,
I see people putting effort into developing real world application’s that would run through the Cardano blockchain and there have been some post’s written by some that are inquiring into what kind of uses the blockchain technology could be used for, which brings me to what I do at work, I am a currently a Material Handler for the gas and oil industry and am involved in building a new construction compressor station for natural gas.
I can see benefit of blockchain technology being used in this industry to track Material Test Records (MTR’s) every piece used within this compressor station that I am building is certified to meet the regulations of local and federal authorities and the gas company we are building it for, the work involved in maintaining MTR’s for every part installed is extensive.
In this industry I have seen people assign a false MTR to a piece of material and know that this is a bit common when management fails to properly train or hire qualified individuals, this could potentially put lives at risk and/or cause other problems unforeseen.
If I could get some recruits from the community here to wrap their head around this and help me find the route to building an MTR tracking/database on Cardano I will personally make the cold calls that it will take to get it integrated into the process of oil and gas transmission
This effort could possibly save a life, and millions of dollars for the companies involved in tracking MTR’S, I know that if a process is built that simplifies MTR tracking and removes the middle man than it will benefit the world and keep the tracking honest - Honesty is the Best Policy.


Currently to get MTR’s for a product forged in italy we are relying on the many companies involved in the shipping of the item to transfer the MTR with the product, this is bad practice and anyone person could sell a product from - lets just say - Turkey, but they could say it is from Italy and give you a false MTR for the product you bought, there are way’s for this to be done and if a forge was doing things wrong with bad material that could fail than you would never know cause you are given an MTR from Italy that you trust.
Just a look at why I would like to see something on Cardano to track material.
Lets make a real world product guy’s.


I have asked an inspection company if they could be my first sponsor of such a project and their response was epic: Well hell yes! I am tired of this BS of looking for MTR’s, would make it alot easier if less work was involved!
Not an official sponsor yet but I think I can this CWI locked in if it is a venture that I can get support for.

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Counterfeit materials or components are one of the common problems faced in the construction industry.

There are is a fun story about how an entire contract of steel for a nice london skyscraper ended up with painted pigiron being delivered … As crazy as it sounds, they only realised what they got when they tried to drill some bolt holes.

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The univers is full of coincidences,
A couple of months ago …
In my attempt to raise capital for a blockchain solution for the construction industry (entitled “chaining the brick”), I ended up presenting my idea to a lot of people.
Some of them seamed extremely interested in the concept, so they kept asking for more and more information, down to architecture.
After that, nothing, complete silence.

Tonight, chasing some things I find a web site named … Nice naming, habe to admit, it sounds better then “chaining the brick”
But interesting enough, absolutely no name of founders.

I start reading … extremely, extremely, extremely, similar structure and extremely similar way to how I was presenting the “why” and “how” in my emails.

But to understand how full of mirecles and coincidences the university is … The guys that put together the site, thought exactly the same mistakes that I thought at that time… and even the same examples of usage, … And even the same couple of “red herrings” that I was throwing.

Curiosity made me do a quick search on .gov to I find out who is listed as directors of Brickchain limited …

It made me so proud knowing that my trail of thought was identical to some seriously huge hedge fund managers and venture capitalists.
At least I know that the last 3 years spent killing my brains on this project were not for nothing … They will make rich some guys that are rich already :slight_smile:

How far did you get with it?
If you have spent 3 years on it then I am sure you most likely have some differences from these other guy’s, no?

Hi Haskell,
Yes, I do have a couple of things that are unique.
But the most important is probably a new method for saving data.

Sorry for the late reply. Got stuck in the day to day, “bread on the table” routine :slight_smile:
But taking a break, was a good thing, it given me the time to calm down, think cool, and look at what the “competition” mistakes are.