Meet the Cardano Foundation’s Taipei Team: Kerstin Lin & Frédéric Johnson

嗨!大家好,我是Kerstin, 為卡爾達諾基金會的成員之一。想必有些人已在Youtube看過我的簡介,那為了讓各位更了解我,以下將細部介紹我的背景。我出生於台灣,在奧地利長大,原本主修飯店經營管理學,畢業後即在德語區國家任職觀光飯店業。十多年前回到台灣,期間擁有將近13年主管助理的經驗,無論行政管理或財務專業皆獲得相當的歷練。今年四月則受僱於卡爾達諾基金會,擔任亞洲區行政管理人員,協助卡爾達諾社群的推廣及發展。縱然沒有區塊鏈產業的背景,但紮實學經歷及擁有三種語言的優勢,仍能很快熟悉業務,相信未來也能累積更多專業,繼續協助卡爾達諾社群業務發展。

Hi, I am Kerstin (@Kerstin_Lin) , I am a member of the Cardano Foundation. Probably some people have already seen my profile on Youtube, so in order to let you know more about me, I am introducing here my background in detail. I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Austria. I originally majored in hotel management and started working in the tourism and hotel industry in German-speaking countries after graduation. After returning to Taiwan, I have gained more, nearly 13 years, experience as an executive assistant in the range of administration and finance.

Beginning of April 2019 I was assigned as an administrative assistant at the Cardano Foundation in the Asia region to assist the promotion and development of the Cardano community. Even thoughI do not have any background in the blockchain industry, with solid learning experiences and the advantages of having three languages, I quickly became familiar with the business. I believe that I can accumulate professional experience in this field in order to assist Cardano community’s growing.


Meet the Cardano Foundation’s Taipei Team: Frédéric Johnson

Greetings Cardano Family - I’m Fred (@Frederic), technical project manager for the Cardano Foundation. Some of my responsibilities involve managing integration projects with external customers, provide technical knowledge, help evaluate and support Cardano stack technologies and other potential efforts. Born in France, I moved to California where I studied Computer Science at USC. After grad school, started working in aerospace and entertainment but finally took the jump into the cryptoverse two years ago and joined CoolBitX, a hardware wallet company. I got exposed to so many coins, hashing algorithms, hardware-meets-software-meets-blockchain schemes! It’s been a crazy ride and it still is. I love crypto. I think a lot of blockchains skip some steps or rush into production without taking the time to test or formally verify things, and that’s why I love Cardano: Science has to get done (properly) for the good of all of us, and everyone that comes after. I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead, and I also look forward to the successes around the corner - Shelley’s release is in progress: the Stake Pools are running on the Testnet, and I just can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring (Basho! Goguen!)

Fun bits: major sweet tooth (cake is real), bad tennis player, love hiking.
Music: Hendrix, Bowie, Daft Punk, the White Stripes, R. D. James.
Underrated: “An American Tail: Fievel Goes West”

“Don’t Trust, Verify.”