Greetings from Gianna, Cardano Foundation Legal Counsel

Hello you all!

My name is Gianna and I joined the Cardano Foundation a few months ago as Legal Counsel. I was up to a very busy start at the Foundation and, thus, only get to introduce myself now – I apologize for that.

What do I do at the Cardano Foundation? My focus lies on everything legal and compliance and, therefore, I cover a very wide range of topics. Currently, for example, I am working on questions related to stake pooling, our trademark policy, the handling of redemption and recovery, various HR topics (updating policies, handbook, recruiting etc.), updating our bylaws, drafting contracts that push us forward with regards to Cardano use cases and many more.

On a personal note, I am Swiss and am based in Zürich. Before moving back to Switzerland, I lived and worked across Asia for six years. I first went to work in Taipei, a wonderful small city with the friendliest people, amazing food, picturesque nature, mountains and the sea. I then moved to the bustling city of Shanghai on the Mainland, where you can find a diverse bubble of people, lots of amazing travel destinations and a very fast-paced life with lots of new technologies. I worked as an attorney in both Taiwan and China, advising clients with regards to their business in the Greater China area. I also assisted various clients in the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence and many more.

In my spare time, I love to exercise and often hit the gym. I go cycling, swimming and am currently training to become a yoga teacher (200 hours training), which I will finish early December – wish me luck! I focus on healthy eating, plant my own veggies and am very much into music and concerts. I must admit that I have travelled to quite a few places around the world to see live gigs. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, reading, speaking various languages, exploring Switzerland and visiting new places around the world. I further continue to study Chinese with my wonderful teacher so I do not forget everything that I learned during my time in Asia.

That just about covers me in a nutshell. Thank you to the whole Cardano Foundation team for the amazing first few months! I already enjoy working here very much and I learn so much from all of ya’ll.


Welcome Gianna. I am happy to see a strenghtening of the legal segment of Cardano Foundation!

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@Gianna Welcome! Thanks for the intro. It informs community members, like me, about the caliber of employees that the CF is building. Good luck in both your professional and personal endeavors. I’m 100% sure you will complete the yoga training…good luck there too.

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Thank you and also thank you for being so active! Happy Weekend to you :slight_smile:


Thank you so much and it is good to see you being so committed! Enjoy the weekend :smile:

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@Gianna Thanks and have a great weekend too.

Welcome Gianna! I’m very much looking forward to see the impact you and the Foundation will make!

Welcome @Gianna Great to see you on the forum and welcome to the community! :cardano::wave:

Hi Gianna! Nice to meet you. Great work you do. Cheers!

Thank you! Also thank you for the great translation work on this and various other posts!

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Thank you Josh, good to meet you here!

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Thank you! Believe me, we are all working hard and we have a great team and a great community…


Thankyou Gianna, Cardano Foundation Counsel, For stellar intro. Am looking forward to working with the growing of and implementation this important mindset in community
Kindest Regards,