Merging Musical Creativity and Blockchain: A Chat with Firebird Media

Ever wondered how the worlds of music and crypto intertwine? Join us as we sit down with Kala, co-founder of Firebird Media, to explore their journey into the realm of crypto and their groundbreaking web 3 creator protocol, an open standard designed for creators and their communities. Discover how Kala’s upbringing in a musical family, their experience as an independent artist, and inspiration from Charles Hoskinson’s vision for the future of technology all melded together to create Firebird Media.

Navigating the complex world of music IP ownership and licensing can be a daunting task for creators. In this episode, we dive into the intricacies of collaboration and derivative works within the industry, and how Firebird Media’s web 3 creator protocol aims to tackle these challenges head-on. Learn more about Floralus NFT marketplace protocol, how it can solve the royalty problem, and its potential to revolutionize the industry for artists and creators alike.

Finally, we explore the fascinating intersection of music and technology in Web 3, discussing how Firebird Media’s protocol and its unique four-list architecture can provide creators with the freedom and flexibility they need. We also touch on the potential for integration of sheet music and tablature into wallet airdrops, and the role of cross-chain connections in shaping the future of the music scene. Don’t miss this captivating conversation with Kala from Firebird Media and be prepared to be inspired by their innovative vision for the creator economy!