Missing ADAs after migration from Deadalus to Yoroi

Hi, I used Deadalus wallet some time ago.
I have made two transfers there but both of them were send to different wallets under Deadalus. Then because I use Windows 7 I couldn’t logged to Dedalus so I connect to it from Yoroi and I received some funds but not all of them.
Only funds from this primary wallet. Funds from wallet created for second transfer are missing. I When I’m connecting again to Dedalus it says that there are no funds.
So how can I get my missing ADAs ?


Let me understand… you had 2 daedalus wallet both with ADA (last time when u checked in daedalus) and u recovered in yoroi?
From one daedalus wallet worked (main wallet) but for the 2nd not showing any ADA right (but in the past u also had ADA in this wallet)?

Do u have the wallets address? I think u can check in explorer -


Do you see any transactions history in yoroi for the main wallet?

Sounds like you have a Byron and a Shelley wallet.

Did you already create a new Shelley wallet on Yoroi? If so go to Claim/Transfer → restore your Byron wallet.


Yes, that is exactly the case. I had two wallets under Deadalus.
First one created when I made first transfer at 11/2/2018 (DdzFFzCqrhssvgEz1yTZMzQ4bK89WqpFyKhbw6FNvR9z6ZfBSkSSXhRhK8pC4J1yntWECZwWUC2G1fr3d5y2V1Wf6d7RQrKdabXNXrPN) - it was filled by two transactions that day
Second one created at 4/3/2018 when I was wanted to generate new receive address (DdzFFzCqrht8EfFBDLoqY6nBpz37uboH3fBccFWLSyxXerYno7oB7P5eRjYuPsxtePu3tn3NmhRVG9WEt1cLAvYNkV6UeR2XyBQLb59S)
At 26/5/2019 I installed Yoroi (Ae2tdPwUPEZALPjoVKpmRgbKZND95h3gaCqMdJi4tKtMirfrHRpohdJtp4H) - I received 198,8 ADA from exchange and then I connected it to Deadalus but as you can see I received only funds from main wallet.
Funds at second wallet are still there.

No, that is not problem becuase this case happend before Shelley era.

Id recommand you to submit a request here : IOHK Support


this is the amount which is missing right?

anyway, if you have the restore security phrase, you should open a ticket to IOHK like Zyroxa sugested.


Yep, that is missing amount. Ok, I submitted ticket there. Thanks

Did you tried what Zyroxa recomended?
this should be done via yoroi chrome extension - > go to Claim/Transfer → restore your Byron wallet.

“Did you already create a new Shelley wallet on Yoroi? If so go to Claim/Transfer → restore your Byron wallet.”