Missing Stored ADA on Nano Ledger S

Hello, I stored my ADA on my nano ledger s with yoroi in summer of 2019. Today (1/28/2021) i decided to check up on it and it shows a balance of 0 ADA. Can someone help me try to find it? Thank you for your time.

Check in ledger live if u have the latest cardano app version and latest ledger firmware…

After u can try to check the balance also on adalite.io

I am waiting you to delegate to my pool

Delegation is the process by which ada holders delegate the stake associated with their ada to a stake pool. It allows ada holders that do not have the skills or desire to run a node to participate in the network and be rewarded in proportion to the amount of stake delegated.



I have the latest version of the cardano app and ledger firmware. My balance is still not showing up. Is there anything else that i can do?

Also, I did a reset on my nano s, still didnt show up.

Im a newbie with holding cardano. Since i did put my ada on my ledger in 2019, is there a possibility there was a wallet update and now i cant see it.

I figured out my problem. I put my ada in a different wallet lol. Thank you for your help Alex. I will research how to delagate :slight_smile:

I will wait you to delegate with me :hugs:


Hello Guys,
I just updated my ledger nano S and the Cardano app dissapered, all my coins are in Yoroi wallet, how should I proceed??
The Cardano app apear on Ledger Live but dissapered from my ledger nano.

i have mine the same but no access to that wallet.