My Cardano Funds are missing. Please Help

Hi Ada family,

I’ve originally created a wallet using 12 phrase.

Then upgraded to Shelly so I can delegate and am currently delegating to pool.

I haven’t logged into my Daedalus wallet for a long time and it was just taking forever to upload….So I decided to delete the entire program and download again thinking it might load my wallet faster. Well….I did that and entered my 12 Phrase and my funds were not there…so I restored my 24 phrase and no funds in there either. It also used to show my transfers in and out of the wallet and now it doesn’t even show any of that. I’m lost for words.
Please help.

Have you checked the wallet address in a cardano blockchain explorer? e.g.

I haven’t done that yet. I’ll give it a try.

Is your Daedalus already synchronised? It takes forever (for me close to 24 hours) and will only show correct balance afterwards.

You might want to check one of the light wallets out: Support FAQ

There, you can see if you can restore your wallets with your seed phrases much faster.

What if I don’t have my address?

I found my wallet address and it everything is in the cardano blockchain explorer…but now what?

As HeptaSean mentioned above, have you got Daedalus synced? it can take a long time, hours and hours to get fully synced. So if your balance is there in cardanoscan your funds are there. You just need the wallet to sync. The other way is to use another wallet that isn’t a full node, e.g. Nami wallet, or ccvault. They are a lighter version.

Yes Daedalus completely synced nothing there.

That may mean the address you found isn’t associated with your seed phrase. In daedalus you can see the addresses associated with the seed phrase. Have a look to see if you can find the address you know of in that list.

My recommendation is to use

Import your wallet/s with the address/es you know or have.

If you found them in Adalite, that means that your Daedalus software is having some issues.


I checked my wallet and there are no addresses at all.

My 12 phrase nor my 24 phrase wallets have nothing in there.

Not even a transaction history?

Then your seed phrases are most probably the wrong ones. If neither Daedalus nor Adalite show a history, there probably is no history and it’s just an empty wallet that belongs to that seed phrase.

Rather remote possibility: Do you have a hardware wallet? The seed phrase for such a device won’t work, when given to a wallet app directly.

If you have the right seed words and your wallet was emptied by someone, then you would see the transaction of that moved ADA.

If you restore an empty wallet with no transactions at all then this means this wallet has always been empty.

No I don’t have a hardware wallet. Would it make a difference if I were to use my time machine and restore a month back?

That can’t be because the funds/ delegation pool info is still in place according to

If you then can start the old Daedalus (and just wait for it to synchronise, it takes time, at the moment it already needs something like an hour if it was just off for a week, much longer if it has not been started for months), that would help. You do have the spending password, don’t you?

Then you could move your funds to a new wallet, where you are 100% sure to have the seed phrase.

I would generally recommend to have the wallet imported in several devices and/or several wallet apps (say, ccvault and Typhon), so that there is a backup in case things go sideways for one device/app (and on the way, you already verify multiple times that your seed phrase is okay).

Not even a transaction history.

Can you share more information? Your address/es and so on…

Will do. Hey thanks for your help! I’ll give it a try to see if that works.