My daedalus wallet want sync, it says could not pack files



couldn’t pack files reason: can’t pack log file pub\ because it doesnt exist or it’s not a file… what happend to it? will i be able to get in my wallet anytime again? pls help



Lately Charles Hoskinson took to twitter and thanked Daedalus user’s for submitting logs so they (IOHK) could improve on the wallet, if you are capable of submitting a help ticket to support here is the link
I believe as long as you have your wallet phrase you will have access to your ADA again, I cannot say when though I am not a tech support guy - sorry -


I suggest that you restart your computer, and run Daedalus as administrator. If still doesn’t work submit log files and contact support here

I get this message when opening wallet, any help?

thanks, i wrote a supportticket, it doesnt worked as admin as well… i’ll let u guys know what the problem was!