My ITN Daedalus Secrets dir is empty!

Hello, I just downloaded the latest Daedalus so I could check if my ITN rewards, but only the mainnet wallet is found. The itn_rewards_v1/Secrets dir is empty! So I have only a single address showing in the new wallet from the old mainnet one which shows all the balance went to the staking address, but there is no staking address in the new wallet.

The rewards all show properly in the ITN dedalus though even without the secrets files…? Where is the private key stored for the reward wallet?

Secret for you’re referring to was used in legacy wallets only. You can find encrypted xpub in sqlite files in wallets.

ITN rewards were always expected to be imported to Daedalus Mainnet in epoch starting 3rd August

Cool thanks. Do you know if there is any possible way to access the ITN rewards in the mainnet having only the ITN wallat secrets but not the 15 words?

You should be able to import using ITN state / wallet folders using Import button on Mainnet wallets. It will remain encrypted ofcourse so you would still need to know your spending password.

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The current version of the mainnet wallet doesn’t find any wallets from the ITN state dirs.

Do not rush into things, there is no action to take until Aug 3rd

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