Mysterious Intrawallet Transaction amount


I registered to vote in Catalyst for fund4 (via Yoroi) and saw a fee of 0.175 ADA as expected.

What I didn’t expect on looking at details of this transaction was 2,997.65 ADA transferring from/to an intrawallet. Was 2,997.65 ADA taken from my account??

Hi @Laura_Williams, great to hear you are voting! +1 for that.

And no your ada is safe. You wallet holds one or more addresses each holding some ada. The total of all those addresses is shown as your total wallet balance. When voting your wallet uses one of your addresses and sends a transaction using all that is on that address, but then the change is sent back to an internal wallet address (or a change address) deducting the fees. That is what you are seeing.




Thanks for explaining this. It was a seriously confusing transaction for me too, and I was about to ask the same question. IMO it would be handy if this was explained when configuring catalyst voting.

Could be, but it’s not really specific to the Catalyst registration.

The same thing happens, when you register the stake key, change delegation or even simply send Ada to someone else. You will next to never have an address/UTXO that holds exactly the right amount of Ada.

So, you will see transactions with more Ada then you really spent going out and the change coming back to one of your other addresses everywhere. Go through your transaction list. They should all look like this.

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You’re absolutely right. Now I’ve spent more time digging into transaction histories it’s a lot clearer that this is just standard Ada transaction / wallet behaviour.

I think the thing that’s a bit confusing, admittedly as a new Ada holder, is that in the Yoroi mobile app (where I set up the voting) the transaction is literally listed as ‘Intrawallet’, with no further context other than a value of ‘0.000000’ (perhaps a bug), which when investigated further just shows the entire wallet balance being sent to what appears to be, for a newbie, some random wallet.

In the Yoroi chrome wallet on the other hand the transaction is listed as ‘Catalyst voting registered’, with the amount being the fee of ‘0.175093’, and an indicator the the wallet the funds have moved to is ‘Internal’. So really the UX improvements could be made in Yoroi mobile wallet itself rather than being communicated through the Catalyst process.

All is well that ends well though :slight_smile: Thanks heaps for your help.

Not a bug, just a difference in presentation between mobile and browser. The mobile app doesn’t include fees in the list shown in the main transaction view. They are only shown in the detail view.

But, yes, that’s really confusing. Perhaps, both could be improved and made consistent. It’s also a little confusing that the view in the browser shows fees separately, but also includes them in the balance of the transaction. I would in both cases show them separately, but also in the main overview, not only in the details.

And the more detailed “Catalyst voting registered” and “Stake delegated” information of the browser version should definitely replace that generic “Intrawallet” of the mobile version.

I had also a strange withdrawal staking rewards transaction included in my voting registration with Ledger Nano and I had to accept or my voting registration transaction couldn’t go on. And I couldn’t check what address my staking rewards where send to because I was in the middle of an voting registration-transaction so I accepted without knowing what I was doing and the first time I rejected because it didn’t feel save.

Which wallet app?

A lot of them include withdrawing staking rewards at the next possible transaction, which is a good thing, because Yoroi’s strange “withdraw is an extra, special action” design needlessly costs transaction fees and regularly confuses people into thinking that they are not really theirs until withdrawal, that they need to be withdrawn to stake them, etc. pp.

If it’s a Catalyst registration all output addresses should be in your wallet, anyway. So, no Ada except for the transaction fee should have left.

That was in Daedelus Mainnet app with Ledger nano. OK thanks then I know that it’s normal that when doing a transaction my staking rewards get withdrawed to save transaction costs. That’s good.

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