Nami wallet log in

So I created a Nami wallet almost 2 yrs ago and the only thing they had me do was make a password and now two yrs later they want me to put a seed phrase in. So now I can’t access my Nami account. Can someone help plz

Thats not possible because when ever you create a wallet, you have to reenter the seedphrase to make sure you have it secured.

Without seedphrase your funds are probably lost.


Is there any way to recover them. Cus I’m trying to get into my MELD account and they want me to log into my Nami account

To add: Here is the code in Nami that does not let you continue unless you explicitly confirm “I’ve stored the seed phrase in a secure place.” (and immediately afterwards it even tests if you just lied by asking you for some of the words):

Two years ago that code was also already there, but at a slightly different place:

I’m really sorry if you haven’t written down the seed phrase, but I have read claims that it is the wallet app’s fault too often to let it stand.

Plus: Maybe it’s a motivation to search again. You had to have it stored for at least a couple of minutes to get past Nami’s verification.

Nope. You need to find the seed phrase. (Or have a wallet app where it is still imported.)

That’s why every wallet app begs you to safely store the seed phrase somewhere.


I am having the same problem. When I made the account a couple years ago there was no seed phrase. I got a new computer and cant login. I am a blockchain dummy. Can someone please help?

If you used Nami, you should have a seedphrase 100%. If you dont have it, you forgot to back it up.