Nami Wallet - Waiting on tokens to be sent


I am in the process of sending AGIX token from a Nami Wallet to a Ku Coin account , the Nami wallet has not updated the progress after 90min , it is still showing AGIX within the wallet , the transaction hash 3a0cacb2c1b03886bce52aa571573f6c36f7e51de7c3f2d3f333388af8ce8fe5
and is showing 241 confirmations , has anyone experienced the same issue and is this common experience , not sure if i just wait or contact the Nami Team.

There is probably just a sycing issue with Nami. (maybe there is a resync option for Nami)

You can always restore your wallet in any other litewallet like Typhon or Eternl.

Just update , the Nami wallet send ADA instead of AGIX , i have confirmed the amount is identical to the amount of AGIX in which i sent , i did select to send AGIX not ADA , my Nami wallet is still not updated and i am unable to perform any transactions .

Does anyone know how to contact Nami Support ?

Ok this has been sorted i have sold the remaining AGIX still in the wallet to ADA and sent the remaining amount to Ku Coin, a bit disappoint i was unable to send directly and also the lack of options to bridge unless using ADA .