NAMI withdrawal address format not valid?

Can anybody pls. help i try to send ADA from Binance to my NAMI wallet and getting adress errors from binance.
i copied NAMI address as usual same when i use QR ?



From binance u must choose cardano network then paste the address from nami, it should have 103 characters (be careful to not have spaces at the begining/end of the address)

Also check the first/last 10 characters of the address to be sure is the right one


thanx for the quick reply, i double check adr. and it´s not the problem, seems like the adr. even don´t exist i don´t even show valid Network


If it’s definitiely not a problem with whitespace at beginning or end, and the address is complete, this looks like a Binance bug.

yes it´s kind of sus i´ll try to send from another exchange and let´s see if it works, thnx !

If it’s okay for you, you could give us the whole address, so that we can check. Or you can check it yourself on

sure i did and can´t find it thats also strange here we go
: addr1q9rv9494rx3ssqyqhkak2k7raddr1q9rv9494rx3ssqyqhkak2k7rq4kntl3r9r3kulnkpkzqdaq3e6n37aj5vkxhe7c0n0kfunspnslhmdnagu4nfss5t3tquutgcp

Don’t know if that is only here, but the first part addr1q9rv9494rx3ssqyqhkak2k7r is doubled. It’s not valid this way.

With that removed, it looks totally normal:

wow ok didn´t recognice just normal copy paste seems a problem, thnx man you made my day , )

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