Need a Stakepool? Why not Aloha Cardano?

(basically, my same post on Reddit)

Why not Aloha Cardano

Hi everyone, it’s Aloha Cardano, you know us – we made this flowchart:

We mostly intended for it to both informative and funny, but it may have been taken the wrong way…

Anyways, we just wanted to introduce our little stakepool:

Aloha Cardano – 4% Fee Ratio, Zero Fixed Fee

We’ve slowly made our way up to ~ 2 mil ADA staked and are getting about one block every epoch now. We strive to keep this stakepool going for as long as possible and would like to continue to grow as a stakepool and as a community. As such, we think communication with our delegators is important, so you can reach us on Telegram or via email.

For more information, go to

Also, we were recently featured on stakepool showcase as well: