NEW Ledger/Trezor Update for Owner Pledge - StakePool Operator Scripts


StakePool Operator Scripts for Mainnet are now updated to the latest Security Upgrades! :heart_eyes:

LINK: scripts/cardano/mainnet at master 路 gitmachtl/scripts 路 GitHub

All is ready and set when Ledger and Trezor will release there new FW in a few days. Learn how to migrate your existing CLI-Based owner keys to new HW-Wallet-Based owner keys and how to migrate your StakePool to the new owner keys. Checkout the new README here.
LINK: scripts/ at master 路 gitmachtl/scripts 路 GitHub

So, step up your SPO Security - NOW!

Best regards, Martin

P.S.: To all that are already using the Scripts, the Workflow has not changed much. :blush:


The Cardano App v2.1.0 for Ledger Devices is now available!!! You can start to migrate your pledge to HW-Wallets right now, no excuse for lost pledge anymore! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


servus martin, i have a question regarding cardano-hw-cli - it seems its from a third party (vacuumlabs) - is it certified by cardano? is it safe? are there any risks to use it? br hatta

Vacuumlabs is working for IOG as a sub. Also, Vacuumlabs is providing Adalite and the SourceCode/Apps for the Cardano-App on Ledger and Trezor. So鈥 yes. :slight_smile:

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thanks for your great effort and work martin!!

thx, you鈥檙e welcome

The Cardano App v2.2.0 for Ledger Devices is available to unleash NativeTokens for HardwareWallets!