New wallet,but..crash crash node?

Need some help guys,
Loaded new wallet 1.0.0 ,went all fine till first screen with where you can change date,format etc etc…@that screen its going on off on off back to loading screen its says node crashed every time???:thinking: i am still on w7 pro, 0.15 was running sooo smooth on w7 pro why this new mainnet wallet not?? Must i buy new pc/laptop with w10 pro​:thinking: any clues guys!!!

Sorry, Windows 7 is not supported. Windows 8.1 is the minimum requirement. Details here:

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you don’t have to buy a new computer/laptop, but you could just easily upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 :slight_smile:

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Thank u for reply,
So much cheaper upgrade to w10 pro can i do it ontop of w7 pro ,will my wallet old and new migrate automatic in to w10 pro version,or first backupp w7,i have only old&new 1.0.0 wallets on this pc no other stuff using this only for cardano,is it eazy to make backupp never have done it, i am not a pc nerd😁

just make sure you got your seeds to restore your wallets :slight_smile:

sometimes its even better to make a fresh install for your OS from time to time :slight_smile: