NFTs in byron era wallets

While analyzing the blockchain I found some NFTs in Byron era wallets (prefix DdzFFz…). As far as i know, this wallet type doesn’t support NFTs. What will happen to them? Are they stuck in there for the end of time or can they be recovered by sending all the tokens to Shelley wallet?

Is it a byron address or an exchange address?

Is there some technical difference between byron and exhange wallet? I would imagine that they are exchange addresses as people tend to make purchases without reading the instructions first. I’m just thinking it from sparsity point of view. Are they out of the game or is it possible that they return into circulation in some point of time? Exchanges won’t certainly miss the opportunity to sell valuable NFTs in the future if that’s possible.

Byron or shelley os the cardano network… most of the exchanges are using shelley network… if u or someone send a NFT to an exchange address u will lost it (exchanges wallets doesn’t support NFT transactions)… that’s why u should use a daedalus/yoroi address to send/receive NFTs

Let’s 's say that the NFT ends up in exchange. They will sooner or later transfer the asset (or it’s ADA-value) into shelley-wallet. I would just like to know do they poses an intact NFT that is ready to be circulated again, or will it get somehow broken if it ends up into Byron-wallet?

I have the same issue in that I sent Cardano NFTs to my exchange address. I am currently working on various ways to restore the exchange Byron wallet to a Shelley Wallet. This should (apparently) give me access to the NFTs which are evidently “stuck” in the wallet. I understand that they aren’t lost, they just can’t be accessed.