No "In" peers on Producer Node

without NAT, the public nodes from outside network can;t connect to the Relay

I was unaware of that. But gLive made it look like the relay was running properly

check here

check the relay IP and port… if u see closed then is not ok, u should see opened

anyway try to connect the nodes between them with private IPs, and then create a Port Forwarding on your Router for the Relay port

also check the logs for topology script:
you should see only the message: glad u are staying with us
if u see also the message check port connectivity… it means the outside nodes can’t connect to your Relay

That port is open according to that link. And I have ports forwarded on my router for the relay and the producer.

ok, the nodes started?
HOw is it now on glive?

I changed the mainnet-topology.json on both nodes to the local IP. Still no IN on the producer


Show me the topology file from ur Producer

Also it’s strange because u have tx processed and without IN peers u shouldn’t
so I think there is an output error

Now, delete the Port Forwarding for ur Producer… u will not need it

Keep it only for ur private IP for Relay

Just to make sure that I am clear, you want me to access the router, and remove the port I have open for the producer?

Yes, the Producer will comunicate with ur relay via private network
U will need a port forward only for the Relay

the PF should be like this:
All public IP port 6000 will connect to on port 6000

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Ok, the forwarded port for the producer is now gone.

Can u show me the PF for the relay?

What is the PF?

Port forward

Ok, now restart the producer node
Show me the relay topology push script; did u modified the private producer IP?

It appears I did not change this one to private yet

Oh man… u are using port 6001 for Producer?
Then in ur Producer env file replace 6000 with 6001 also and restart glive


lol… is 6001 bad?

No, but u need to update also the env file if u not usong the default one (6000)

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Is there a command to restart gLive?