Not Sure Which: Bug Report Or Confusing UX - Yoroi/Ledger/Shelly

Is Ledger Attempting to Send All Funds in Wallet When I Specified Only 2.5 ADA Should Be Sent?

As some may know, it is possible to control as many Cardano accounts as you want with a single Ledger Nano S.
Settings>Security>Passphrase allows you to add an extra password that changes the private keys in the Nano.
This is for plausible deniability but it also allows you to have as many accounts as you want.

I have two Cardano accounts that are controlled by a single Ledger Nano S. The first account uses just the 24 words and the second account is made by adding an extra passphrase as described above. When these where Byron accounts I was able to send ADA from one account to the other and back again without any problems using a single Ledger Nano S.

I converted these two Byron wallets which were controlled by a single Ledger Nano S to Shelly according to this video by Kaizen Crypto. The conversion went well. There were no problems.

The trouble started when I tried to send ADA from one account to the other.

I was trying to send 2.5 ADA from this wallet.
That’s 2.668449 with the fees.

Things are starting off well.

That’s the amount I want to send.

This is the correct address so no one is trying to steal the funds.

!!!WTF??? NO!!! STOP!!!

I pulled the plug at this point so no harm done but what is going on?
This amount is the wallet balance minus the transaction fee and minus the 2.5 ADA so likely what I am seeing is the change being sent to a new address. But no reasonable user expects to see this and I am not about to use the Yoroi wallet when it tells me that it is about to send most of my funds without explicitly telling me where it’s going.

Before I send my funds please I need to know exactly what this wallet is trying to do.
Is this a bug or is this just a frightening user experience in the spirit of Shelley’s Frankenstein.
Thanks, John

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That’s expected currently…tx is made by specifying two outputs:

  1. external (2.5 ADA)
  2. internal change address (leftover 38635.*)

Note that 1+2 does not have to be total funds, as it is only dependent on input UTXOs that were selected to form the transaction -> timestamp where Seb mentioned that it’ll be simplified in future version (do encourage to watch the entire video once).


Thank you @rdlrt
That gives me the confidence I need to make the transaction.
I do hope that this is changed in future versions.
Only a sophisticated user would understand what the wallet is doing.
For simple users like myself it would be more helpful to see the amount spent plus the transaction fees on the last screen or perhaps a note above the final amount explicitly saying that this is the change.
Thanks again for your response.

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Yip - the exact timestampped video from Seb was to assure you that it’s on track and coming soon :wink:

Your exact wallet balance is enough to lookup your wallet and the history of transactions it has made. Be more careful in the future.

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Thank you @Zaytion,
I didn’t know that.
In any case, I only hid the addresses so that they would not be a distraction.
I use my real name in this forum so I am not trying to hide anything.
My private keys are very safe.
I made an open source device which keeps the 24 words and I am the only one who knows how to access them.
All my public addresses have already been made available to law enforcement in case I am forced to turn over my private keys to criminals. So hopefully, it will be as easy to track them as it is for you to track me. Of course the second criminals get my keys would be my very last moment as I would no longer be useful. So my only option if put in that position is to kill said criminals. I think this much the same as a home owner. Criminals see that you have a nice home and so you have to be prepared to defend yourself with deadly force if necessary should they come calling. You can not hide your home and you cannot hide funds in a public ledger. Secrecy is no longer a protection. Transparency is the only way to get protection now. It is my hope that a transparent public ledger will eliminate the incentive to steal. After all what is the point of stealing something that you can not spend without getting caught.
Please, I would like to have your thoughts on this.
Thanks, John


Most impressive sir. Keep it up!